Best YouTubers

It’s no secret to any of my friends that I love wasting my life away on YouTube #noragrets

Here are my favourite channels!

Beauty & Lifestyle

-Zoella. Who doesn’t know about Zoella? I subscribed when she had just over 3 million, and these days she’s cracked the 7 million mark, opened a range of beauty products and released a book. However, she’s still the same bubbly, entertaining and genuine girl who I can’t get enough of on YouTube.

-Shaaanxo. This New Zealand make-up guru gives me life. She uploads three times a week with constantly interesting and unique make-up looks. Definitely check her out if you haven’t!

-Vivian Vo-Farmer. This Seattle babe is my ultimate girl crush EVER. She is beautiful, and her videos are effortlessly stunning. Her choice in chilled music, the way she edits.. sigh. Gorgeous. She also has serious boho street style that I can’t get enough of.

-Danimansutti. This girl is Australian (represent!) and is just a beautiful person full of creativity.She’s incredibly genuine and talented – go check her out!

-Others I love; Tanya Burr, Lauren Curtis, Rhaea Estelle, Gabriella (velvetgh0st)


-Jenna Marbles. The fucking queen.

-Ryan Higa (nigahiga). I’ve been watching this guy for eight years and I think I’m in love with him.

-Eva (mylifeaseva). Hilarious in the silliest yet best way. I love people who don’t take themselves too seriously!


Best YouTubers

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