I recently had my heart broken for the first time. Actually, ‘broken’ is an understatement; it was colossally shattered. Yes, I have been in relationships prior to this, but it was always my call to end them and this was the first time I had ever felt these kind of feelings (ex-boyfriends, if you read this I AM SO SORRY).

But I don’t want to feel like my stomach is constantly touching my tonsils and my heart is an abyss of sorrow (yes, that was cliché and a total overreaction, just go with it) so I am going to fucking change some things. So here, on the most truthful platform of all (ahem), I vow to do these five things to get myself on track.

1. I vow to realise I did all I could. Yes, it takes two people to end a relationship, but I know that I tried my hardest.

2. I vow not to try to get him back. Although I will undoubtedly wear a Beyonce-esque outfit at some point and send an ‘accidental’ snapchat, I realise in my rational mind that is a fucking stupid idea because it ain’t worth my time *insert woman holding out one hand emoji*

3. I vow to do things for ME. Yes, this means rebound dates and getting smashed in my pyjamas watching rom-coms on a Tuesday night. Yes, this will make me feel good. Yes, if you judge me I will suffocate you with my goon sack of pinot grigio.

4. I vow to rely on my family & friends. They love me and will be with me this whole way and I will learn to appreciate just what I have in them.

5. I vow to be grateful for what I do have. A roof over my head, a job, family, friends, passions and interests – my life is not going to be ignored because of a boy. He’ll be the one crying himself to sleep when he realises just what he gave up (minus the drinking goon on Tuesday)

Moral of the story – don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t good enough.



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