Favourite Eye-Makeup

There is nothing better than feeling confident when your make up is on point. Or on fleek. Or whatever the fuck people say these days.

Let’s just say nice make up is nice.

My favourite eye makeup is completely beautiful for all eyes, though it is catered to me specifically for my dark brown eyes; using browns and golds really makes them stand out.


I start out my filling in my brows a bit with the NYX eyebrow gel in espresso – this stuff looks really natural and is easy to apply. Also, super super affordable.

I then smudge some brown liner (this one by L’oreal is super pigmented) into my lashline and just below my waterline. Using dark colours all the way around the eye makes the white stand out more and therefore your eye colour stand out. When creating a more evening-esque look, blacks are normally used, but for an everyday eye makeup, brown looks a lot more subtle and natural.

Using a bright gold eyeshadow (ColourPop’s Get Lucky is US $5 and the best gold I have ever used), I either brighten up my tear duct or place a light dusting all over the lid. This can of course look very over the top, but when applied lightly and blended, is a super subtle way to add something else to your face.


Curling lashes is a must for me. And unless you have ridiculously curled lashes, it should be for you too.

A lengthening and separating mascara is my favourite, so I love the affordable Covergirl Lashblast in waterproof. This lasts all day, holds the curl and lengthens something crazy.

This look can be dolled up for a night out or used, as I use it, for everyday wear. Of course, the colours and everything can be adjusted, but I personally opt for a smudgy and sexy eyeliner than a perfect winged cat eye. Ain’t nobody got time to wrestle with black makeup in the mornings, especially when eyeliner can sense fear.


Favourite Eye-Makeup

4 thoughts on “Favourite Eye-Makeup

    1. It’s like US $6 or something – I bought it from the MakeUp Geek website and it’s incredible! It’s a pretty good dupe for the brow poumade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Definitely try it out 🙂 x


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