How To: Have a Pamper Night on a Budget

It’s true, as a 19 year old university student, I can barely find the money to buy a bottle of water, let alone buy every single Lush bath bomb and Kiehl’s face masks! Yet, I still definitely need a relaxing night to myself every now and then when I feel myself drowning under the weight of assessments and my two jobs. So, here I thought I’d share my tips for having a cheap pamper night!

First things first – the bath. I’m lucky enough to have a bath in my apartment, although if you live somewhere without one like a college dorm, you can still relax! My favourite thing to do is have a long shower where I take my time to wash my hair and body, etc. To make it a bit different, I like getting a wash cloth and putting a few drops of essential oils on it and laying that on the floor of the shower – the steam helps the smell carry throughout the shower and gives the same effect as having sweet candles on the rim of your bath.

For my bath, I buy the big, cheap and cheerful litre worth of bubble bath. Although I love the idea of awesome looking bath bombs, I don’t see the point in spending my money on them, so I go for this instead. This one from coles cost me less than $2! If you really like fragranced baths, try adding essential oils or burning a highly fragranced candle.


In the bath, I love to use a great exfoliator. I made this one myself (and put it into a pasta jar I painted gold) with brown sugar and olive oil. That is literally it –  it is practically free, smells fantastic and works a charm. You can always add some essential oils in there as well, or even maybe some oats.

To shave, I love using a shower oil, though these can get very pricey. As an alternative, I use baby oil. It works just as well and always leaves my skin feeling super soft.


I always follow up with a moisturiser, and my favourite is the Franjapani body butter from The Body Shop.


I always opt for face masks that a come in tubes rather than the little pouches as they last a whole lot longer. This one is one of my favourites.


There’s nothing better than simply relaxing, watching a TV show or movie or listening to music and reading a book. Sometimes we all just need it, but this doesn’t mean Glasshouse candles and expensive moisturisers. Tealights and Netflix will always do the job 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I relax myself on a budget! Also I am so sorry about the poor quality of these photos, I can’t find my good camera and my phone wasn’t cooperating!


How To: Have a Pamper Night on a Budget

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