How To: Make an Emergency Kit to Deal With Anxiety & Stress

Hey beautiful people! Today I wanted to tackle a good ol’ ‘how to’, in this instance a bag of stuff that can help you if you’re stressed or anxious in public.


My take on an emergency kit is a small pouch filled with goodies that will allow me greater comfort in an array of different situations. As a sufferer of Anxiety myself, I can safely say this pouch has helped me get through many times where a panic attack was seeming inevitable.

Contents of my emergency kit:


(bag itself was free in Elle Magazine)

-water spray
-nail file
-hair tie & bobby pins
-hand sanitizer
-lip colour
-hand cream
-loose coins


If you are prone to anxiety, there is nothing worse than being stuck in public on the verge of a panic attack. This is why I have headphones – because they can help me block out the anxiety. I can’t tell you how many times I have saved myself from panicking because of having headphones. I do one of three things on my phone to calm me down

– Meditate with “Smiling Mind” app
– Listen to Relaxing Music; these are my favourites:

– Watch YouTube videos – most likely Zoella, Shaaanxo or Tanya Burr vlogs

You can always add what you need in there – be it gum, BandAids or whatever you feel is needed to stop feeling anxious. The choice is endless.

I also always wear a bracelet of ‘Worry Beads’ which I can play with when I’m feeling stressed, and a stone that brings good vibes and luck.


I hope this gave you some ideas! Like this if you would like to see more Anxiety-coping how-tos.

Love you guys!


How To: Make an Emergency Kit to Deal With Anxiety & Stress

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