Huge Bath and Beauty Haul!

Hey guys!

~ I’ve been so absent recently because 1# I’ve had major surgery and am recovering, 2# university finals, and 3# boys. I’ll be more consistent from now, I swear! ~

As probably most of you know, I’m a bit of a YouTube fan  (understatement of the year), so when Zoella released her video explaining her new products a few months back (here), I really felt like I had no choice but to buy EVERYTHING. I ordered everything here (shipped to Australia) from, and had a few things come from Superdrug, which does not ship to Australia but my cousin kindly sent over. 12166901_977501558963197_232676693_n

First off, I wanted to get my hands on a Zoella beauty bag as I travel a lot and needed a new toiletry bag. This one is from the original collection and the message is so cute and positive. I love the gold spots!


Next up was the hand cream – a new addition to her range. It smells delicious! The packaging is also adorable and looks so good on my bedside table.


I got this puff (or lily) on a whim because it was only $5 and I felt like I needed it… to be fair my old one was not in a good way but honestly that’s just an excuse to justify this purchase haha


Tanya Burr has always been one of my favourite YouTubers, and I was quick to buy her book as soon as it was available. I’ve been putting off her beauty products though… until she came out with these AMAZING PALETTES!

I chose the ‘rosy’ cheek palette and it’s great on my fair skintone. Just a warning though, the highlight is a lot more gold than it looks in pan, and the bronzer is very shimmery! The whole thing is really great for summer (which it almost is here!)



I also chose the Fairytale eyeshadows – I wanted the Hollywood palette but there were none in stock 😦 still – these shadows are incredible pignmented and creamy. So far I’m very impressed (and the names are super cute!)



Also, I grabbed the Creamy Madly Dreamy Lotion and the Fizz Bar (both by Zoella). I freaking love the scent of her stuff! It’s so light, fresh and inviting – subtle enough for everyday but also makes you feel like you’ve put in a bit of extra effort.

I picked up two of Tanya’s lip glosses too – in Sparkling Dewdrops (which I’m not sure is still available?) and Lunch Date.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Love you all, and stay tuned for more posts soon!

Also, can we talk about how FUCKING AMAZING VLOGMAS AND #24DAYSOFZOELLA IS?! I’m dead. You read a blog post written by a corpse. I am so excited I am deceased.

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Huge Bath and Beauty Haul!

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