My Favourite Christmas Candles

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to talk to you all about my favourite Christmas scents – because who doesn’t love a good festive candle, am I right?

Vanilla Snowflake – Bath & Bodyworks US$22.50


My first favourite is Vanilla Snowflake from Bath & Bodyworks. We don’t have B&BW in Australia, so my friend was kind enough to give me this as a gift after her recent US trip. I love this candle – it fills my entire space with a beautiful, baking-like scent that isn’t so strong it gives me a headache. I also am a sucker for 3-wick candles, because they look so pretty!

Dusk $20ish (dupe from Typo is two for $30)

I bought this next candle from Dusk in Australia a few years back as a limited edition candle, though it smells exactly like the “Light my Fire” candle from Typo if anyone wanted to get their hands on it. It’s the perfect Southern Hemisphere Christmas smell – it’s a sweet guava scent that is fresh and feels really special. Also, the packaging is beautiful!

Fig & Papaya – Kmart $6

This ‘fig and papaya’ candle from Kmart is my all time favourite candle because it smells like someone is baking ginger cookies (how I get that scent from fig and papaya, I’ll never know), and they sell this candle for $1 in tiny jars all year round. For Christmas, they released the candle with a double wick in a walnut shaped copper tin, and God knows it was the first thing I bought when shopping for Christmas decorations! It’s so cute, and simply my favourite candle of all time.

Merry Cookie – Bath & Bodyworks (don’t know how much, sorry!)

My final scent is basically anything that smells like Merry Cookie from Bath & Bodyworks. Again, this candle came from overseas, and it’s so tiny I’m never going to burn it. That said, it is the cutest decoration and the scent is pretty common among wax melts and essential oils, so I’m not hard-pressed to enjoy this scent around Christmastime.


Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope this post helped! Stay tuned for some more really exciting holiday posts – including makeup, outfits and gifts!

Love you all,

Zoe x

My Favourite Christmas Candles

5 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Candles

    1. I loved the ones from Bath & Bodyworks! I really want them to open up one in Australia! I find them really good because they fill the whole room with the scent πŸ™‚
      That’s so cool! Hello from Aus! hehe xx


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