Last Minute Gift Guide!

Christmas is getting all too real right now, and if you need any last minute ideas, here is your one stop shop! If you want to DIY or spend any amount of money, I got u fam.

NB: don’t take my ‘male/female’ classifications or the suggested people intended to heart, I just needed a way to segregate my mess of ideas! Mix and match and feel free to give whatever gift the receiver will enjoy the most 🙂

-Perfume: Guess Seductive $30-$40, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Citrus $20, Marc Jacobs Lola $60+
-2016 Diaries: Typo $20, Kikki-K, $30+
-Candles: Ecoya Sweet Pea and Jasmine $40, Glasshouse Manhattan $50
-Giftbag: A bag including some cheap jewellery (I love stuff from Lovisa), some face masks, body scrub, chocolates, giftcard, box of her favourite tea

**to make a body/lip scrub, mix some white sugar with a little bit of canola oil and some drops of essential oils for scent, then pack tightly in a clean glass jar**

-Giftcard: Alcohol shops, hardware shops
-Books: Formula 1, actor biographies
-Cooking: cookbooks, BBQ marinades, BBQ kits
-Lenses: clip on fisheye/wide/etc lenses for your phone (eBay)

**a great BBQ marinade is crushed and sauteed garlic, dried chilli flakes & salt, all stewed over low heat with good quality olive oil, left to cool and bottled**

Significant Other

$$: Red Balloon Giftcard for skydiving, bungee jumping etc
DIY: cheap t-shirts e.g. from kmart or target, with iron on transferred favourite tv character quotes, band symbols, etc

$$: Massage or Facial appointment
DIY: Glass jar titled “50 things I love about you”, filled with 50 bits of cardstock with your favourite things about her

Best Friend

$$: His favourite video game for you to play together
DIY: Deck of cards with the patterns covered up with cardstock, doodled on by you with your favourite in-jokes (not the numbers & suits, leave them so that you can play with your new in-joke cards)

$$: Movie voucher for you and her to see her choice of film
DIY: An A4 photoframe filled with pictures of you together, ticket stubs, wristbands, in-jokes, etc


-Notebook and pen

-DIY mug: using scrapbook stickers, stick a word or saying onto a clean, cheap mug, then use a ceramic paint pen to dot all over the stickers. Remove the stickers before the paint dries and your phrase/word should be visible under the dots (use a q-tip with nail polish remover to clean up mistakes)


-Bottle of wine
-2016 Diary & pen

-Bottle of wine
-Candle/oil burner and melts

Secret Santa (no wine or chocolate)

-nice mug
-2016 diary

-candle/oil burner w/ scents suited for both male and female tastes
-wine cooler bag

-bookstore giftcard
-movie voucher

I hope this helped someone out there! Let me know if it did 🙂

Zoe x

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Last Minute Gift Guide!

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