Makeup Geek Haul

Hey guys!

I recently bought some stuff of Makeup Geek – it just arrived and I got so excited I just had to take photos for you! Hope you enjoy, and we’ll be getting back to my makeup collection series in the next post 🙂

First thing I picked up was my first ever Z Palette – this one being the Makeup Geek Rose Gold Travel Vault. I opted for this one as it was a) cheaper, b) way prettier, and c) small and solid enough that it was going to be perfect for all the travelling I do.


In this palette I popped in the rest of the stuff I bought. I already owned the top row – blush ‘Honeymoon’ and shadows ‘Mocha’ and ‘Vanilla Bean.’ The rest though, are all brand new and absolutely STUNNING.



1 – Honeymoon (blush, shimmer)
2 – Bliss (blush, matte)
3 – Mocha (matte)
4 – Vanilla Bean (shimmer)
5 – Cocoa Bear (matte)
6 – Morocco (matte)
7 – Magic Act (foiled)
8 – Goddess (shimmer)

I love makeup geek shadows and blushes as they are all super pigmented, easy to blend and have a great colour selection at an amazing price.

I hope you enjoyed this! Love you all,

Zoe x


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Makeup Geek Haul

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