How To: Make Your Own Chocolate for Easter

Easter is this weekend – and I have no idea how we’re at Easter already? Seriously, where has the year disappeared?

Every year I’ve always wanted to make my own chocolate from scratch for this holiday and I figured this year, why the hell not give it a go! I’ll show you here how to make a rich, dark chocolate from basic ingredients, as well as a lactose free option! It all ends up being a lot cheaper than buying individual eggs and bunnies for everyone 🙂



-2 cups cocoa powder
-3/4 cup butter at room temperature  (I used nuttelex)
-1 cup water
-1/4 cup icing sugar
-1/2 cup caster sugar
-2/3 cup milk at room temperature (I used almond milk for my lactose free batch)




Heat the water but keep it below boiling.
Combine the cocoa powder and butter until a smooth paste is formed.

Add this into the hot water and allow it to heat up without boiling. Mix well. Transfer to a bowl.
Sift the sugars together and add those to the cocoa mix and stir well.
Add milk and stir.

Transfer to moulds and freeze overnight to set. Without moulds, pour onto a tray or plate with baking paper lining, and crack or cut with a warm knife.


I packaged mine up in cellophane with string 🙂 Hope you enjoyed, and Happy Easter!


Zoe x

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How To: Make Your Own Chocolate for Easter

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