My Makeup Collection -Palettes

In case you haven’t been following this series, I’m doing my makeup collection, category by category. I thought this would be a great way for you all to see how I store my makeup in a small space, on a budget.

If you haven’t read my others, check out my face products,blushes,bronzershighlighterseyelinersmascaras and eyeshadows posts. Next up, I’ll be going through my eyebrow products, lipsticks and, finally, other lip products.

Hope you’re enjoying!





Left: BH Cosmetics Wild At Heart Palette. Really pigmented (aside from the top left peach shade), vibrant colours. Cardboard packaging and big mirror.
Right: Makeup Geek custom Z Palette, see my thoughts here


BH Cosmetics 28 Colour Lipstick Palette – I bought this because Shaaanxo made me… and I don’t regret it. Really beautiful, long lasting colours, I’m just pissed you can’t really take them away with you!


Kmart Eyshadow, blush, eyebrow and eyeliner palette. This was $10 and i’s really good! Comes with all these colours that have decent pigment, three blushes, three eyebrow colours and two gel eyeliners. It also came with a pencil eyeliner, but that was pretty bad and I threw it out.

High End


Left: Too Faced The New Sexy Palette. Beautiful, super pigmented colours. Only downside is that there are barely any mattes or transition shades.
Right: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (not going to lie, I’m pretty sure this is a fake), good neutral colour selection, sturdy packaging.

Hope you enjoyed! Next up – eyebrow products.

Love you all,

Zoe x


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My Makeup Collection -Palettes

19 thoughts on “My Makeup Collection -Palettes

  1. The one palette I’ve hit major pan on is Naked 2. It’s time for a repurchase. I do have Naked Smoky and the more I use it the more I love it. My new every day favorite is Mally Cosmetics’ Nude Attitude. The shadows are so finely milled, great pigmentation and zero fallout!

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    1. This one is suuuper cheap! And when I bought it I was expecting them to be really waxy etc but they’re super creamy and last a long time! I love to mix them all to get my perfect colour 🙂 Thank you so much for reading! xxx

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