How To: Fix Smashed Makeup

My heart shattered the other day when I dropped my Becca highlighter on the floor and watched as it smashed into a million pieces. After grovelling on the floor like a peasant and picking up every bit of it I could, I realised that I should document my first attempt at fixing smashed makeup products with rubbing alcohol for you guys. The verdict? It works!


I bought my rubbing alcohol from the chemist, and it cost me around $11 Australian. I’ve read that the product can be messy, so I used some cling wrap over the product to avoid staining. I opted for a metal bowl and spoon as they were more sanitary for the product and easier to clean.


I actually had three things to fix. All the photos show Make Up Geek’s Magic Act foiled eyeshadow, but I also fixed by Becca Highlighter in Moonstone and my Chi Chi Eyeshadow in Call Me. (Side note: Chi Chi eyeshadow was really hard to work with as it needs to set in a domed shape to fit the pan. Also, it was the first one I tried, and I didn’t use enough alcohol, so it shattered again when it dried. At least I learnt!)

So, the first step is to collect all the product you can and put it in a bowl (as above).


Then, you place a sheet of cling wrap over the bowl to protect your hands, and crush up all the product into powder.


Then, you add a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the powder and mix it around. You want it to be quite wet, otherwise it won’t set properly. See where near my finger the powder has basically turned liquid gold? That’s what you want – a type of paste. Just add drops at a time, don’t go overboard!


Then, carefully transfer the paste back into the pan and set it down either using the back of a spoon or a piece of cling wrap and your fingers. It should now look reasonably normal again, just a bit rough and probably darker than the original colour, but that’s just because it’s damp.


Now, you wait. I left mine overnight, and that seemed totally fine.


I did my best to press them flat, but at the end of the day, I just want them to work. They don’t have to look perfect! I left them open for the night so that the alcohol could evaporate out.


In the morning – ta da! Brand new (almost). The alcohol scent 90% left, and they work fine. All I did was clean up the edges a bit (except for the Chi Chi one, because that clearly didn’t work) and am just being very gentle with them. They don’t look super strong! I’ve heard that the stronger the rubbing alcohol you use, the better they turn out, but I think mine was just a mild antiseptic. Oh well, it did work!

I hope someone found this helpful!

Zoe x


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How To: Fix Smashed Makeup

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