Shaaanxo BH Cosmetics Palette

I know, I know. All I’ve done recently is show you guys just how much makeup I own and am constantly buying. I’m not proud of it. BUT, fear not, because as I intake makeup I’m getting rid of makeup (I’ve already cleared out a whole heap of old and unused makeup to either throw out or give to my cousin and my mum), and I’m going to do an entire blogpost about decluttering my makeup. So, before you call me gluttonous (although I am), just remember that with all the stuff that’s coming in, stuff is going out too. No one needs this much makeup!

HOWEVER, when Shannon (shaaanxo) announced that she was coming out with a palette, there was no question that I was going to get it. I really like BH as a brand, though the shipping is a bit ridiculous. So I thought that buying the palette – and some brushes for my mum – would also be a good time to try out their foundation and an eyebrow pencil because they were both super cheap. And so – this turned into a bit of a haul. Oops.



The palette comes in very pretty, simple and clever cardboard packaging – perfect for travel.



The eyeshadow shades are very pretty and warm. They are very pigmented and soft, seem easy to blend. There are a good range of mattes and shimmers (and a duochrome).



The lipstick side is very creamy and pigmented, although this would be a bit of a pain to carry around for touchups.

On the whole, I’m very happy with my purchase! I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone – especially when it’s supporting such a hardworking and dedicated woman.

For anyone wondering, my nails are Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in ‘Blueberry’

Zoe x


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Shaaanxo BH Cosmetics Palette

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