How To: Make Your Own Body Scrub

Exfoliating is an extremely important part of skincare, in order to get rid of dead skin cells and help cell turnover. There are tonnes of ways to exfoliate, but my favourite is to whip up a super cheap and easy body scrub. These also make really lovely gifts! I gave my mum a huge jar for Christmas and my roommate a little jar as a lip scrub.



  • sugar of your choice – the bigger the granules the more intensely it will exfoliate. Brown sugar for example does work, but it’s very fine. If you want the brown sugar scent use half brown sugar and half regular white sugar.
  • light oil – canola oil usually works best
  • essential oils of your choice

I’m sure there is a proper set of measurements for this, but all I do is add about as much sugar as I want to make into a scrub into a bowl, and add bit by bit some canola oil until it reaches a clumpy consistency.


You don’t want it to be too oily as this oil will be left on your skin after you use it, and that shit’s hard to get off. I normally add some essential oils – my favourites are sweet orange and lavender – just to give it a lovely scent that isn’t overpoweringly sweet.


After this, transfer into a clean glass jar or container that is watertight, as using it in the shower will normally mean you’ll get some water in it. Try to avoid this, as the water dissolves the sugar, and you’ll be left with a weird paste in your pot.



Rub onto dry skin before a shower, or while in the shower if rubbing it on dry skin is too painful (though if you’re trying to scrub off something like fake tan, you might have to put up with a bit of pain). Then, after rinsing it all off, wash your body with bodywash to remove the residing oil. Moisturise, then you’re done!

This, as I said, makes a fantastic gift also and is a much, much cheaper way to exfoliate your body. Home brand sugar from a supermarket is less than $1, and oil is about $2, and this will last you a long, long time.

I hope this was helpful!

Zoe x


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How To: Make Your Own Body Scrub

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