Overseas Travel Essentials

As you’d know if you read my latest post, I recently spent a week in the beautiful Hong Kong. So, I thought I’d share my essentials in my carry on for the 14 hour, entertainment free flight.


To Keep Occupied

Of course, you’re going to want your phone, camera and chargers. In terms of electronics, I also brought my kindle (which my mum has, so in its place is my tablet), and my friend took her laptop and a dual headphone adaptor so we could watch movies together. I also took with me a small notebook and pen, to jot down ideas or simply sketch if I felt the need. Having a pen is also really handy when it comes to filling in customs forms.


Passport, boarding passes, wallet. You know the drill, just don’t forget them. It’s also a good idea to get copies and leave them with loved ones at home, in case you lose your passport or something overseas.
If you’re going to a warmer country, a handheld fan, sunglasses and a cap can really help you once you’ve gotten off the plane and are thrust into an unfamiliar climate.

To Keep Clean & Hydrated

I packed a little pouch with hand sanitiser, face wipes, lip balm and hand cream, and let me tell you it made my life a hell of a lot nicer. I also brought some warm socks which I put on before we even took off. I bought myself a litre bottle of water in the airport, and drank the whole thing up in the air. Your skin will thank you for it.

Keeping Warm

Flights are always damn cold, so make sure you dress appropriately. I wore some comfy leggings and a singlet, while also bringing a cardigan and a scarf so I could stay warm as I napped. Wearing a sports bra and some good quality shoes also helps keep you comfortable.


Don’t overpack. You’d rather have less to carry through an airport, especially the big ones. Just have a little backpack that has all your essentials in it, and leave it at that. All my toiletries, makeup, etc were in a bigger bag which was my only other bag for the trip. We took these bags as carry on too, so I was lucky enough to have all my possessions in arms reach if I needed them. If you can get away with it, not checking in a suitcase makes life a hell of a lot easier for you.

Zoe x

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Products in photo:
Stussy Cap
Monki Passport case and Typo Travel Wallet
Samsung Tablet, Samsung S5 Phone (Kmart Case)
Cotton On Wallet
Mimco Purse with Etude House lipbalm, Natio moisturiser and Palmolive hand sanitiser
Forever 21 Sunglasses and Socks



Overseas Travel Essentials

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