How To: Deep Clean Your House – WARDROBE

I have recently had uni holidays and have taken the opportunity to completely deep clean my flat, to hopefully increase my productivity during my next semester and also because it’s just damn therapeutic. I’d like to make this a mini series, so let me know your thoughts!

This is how my wardrobe started out…



Blast some music, put on your comfy clothes and grab some trash bags, labelled ‘donate’, ‘garbage’ and ‘seasonal’


You don’t have to put your seasonal stuff in the bag, but definitely pack it away out of sight. If you have huge coats and live in Australia, you might want to pack them into a suitcase or box during summer, and vice versa if you have a hoarding of bikinis in Canadian winter.


Be damn ruthless throwing stuff away. If it isn’t your style anymore, it doesn’t fit properly or whatever, just chuck it out. You’ll find something new that will work much better for you. Give all this stuff to friends or charity.


That said, don’t feel like you can’t keep stuff! Keep your sentimental stuff and very fancy clothes (i.e. bridesmaids dresses, etc) in a certain section of your wardrobe in plastic dry cleaner bags to protect them.

By this point, my wardrobe was looking a bit better – I’d moved my jackets to the other side of the wardrobe and cleaned out a heap of stuff, but a few things needed to be done to finish it off.



Make it clean and organised (i.e. use bins for sneakers and boots and then flats and sandals, makes everything super easy to find). I actually drew a map of sorts to plot out what I wanted, and had measurements to I knew what sized bins I needed in the spaces.

Spray and wipe it all down if you need to, wash clothes that haven’t been washed in a while. Have a good, convenient and organised home for everything and it will start to look great again.



To keep it tidy – hang stuff up the minute it’s been washed and dried in the way you want it to be organised. You want to be able to see everything nice and neatly.

Zoe x

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If anyone wondering, the giant Appa is from eBay 🙂

How To: Deep Clean Your House – WARDROBE

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