DIY Your Own Phone Case

For years, I have been making my own phone cases to follow trends, my interests and my moods. We use our phones every single day, and whether you want them to be or not, they are your most obvious accessory. Skinny Dip phone cases and the like are all, in my opinion, extremely expensive, and although markets and cheap places like Kmart do some good ones, it’s extremely difficult to keep up with the trends while not going broke.

My solution is really simple – no matter your phone, invest in a good quality silicone clear case (ones for my Samsung S5 are around $15), and get creative with what you put inside.

Just be warned, the oils from your hands will turn the clear case a sort of yellowy/gold/brown colour after a couple of months, but I happen to like that look on my white phone. Still, replacing a case every couple of months that you get infinite designs out of is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Print Outs

One of the easiest things to do is print out a design, pattern or whatever you want to stuff into the case. You just need to trace the holes you’ll need to cut out of the paper with a knife and voila, put it in there and you’re good to go.



I recently spent an afternoon just lounging in the sun, painting as many phone cases as my heart desired. Even though I’ll never use most of them, the process was really fun and I got some super pretty designs out of it. Experiment with paint, calligraphy, markers and watercolour to get the aesthetic you want for any occasion.



Another option is to fill the clear case with stickers. These look really shiny through the silicone.


Anything Else

Ticket stubs, polaroids, pressed flowers – whatever. The beauty of a clear case means literally endless possibilities.

I hope this saved some of your wallets!

Zoe x

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DIY Your Own Phone Case

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