Exciting Announcement!

Hello again my wonderful readers, and it is all thanks to your support, kindness and enthusiasm to read my stuff that I can tell you something VERY exciting that was offered to me recently.

Yours truly will be a contributing author on My Trending Stories!

This new blogging website established in New York hunted me down and offered me a contributors position that of course I jumped at. Don’t worry – I’ll be writing here too! I aim to put up around two posts a week over there, and maintain 2 -3 here. I will try to keep the content different, but while I get into routine (and finally get a new camera) the posts across the platforms might be similar. My first post is the one I made about cleaning makeup brushes – if you could go and like it I’d really appreciate it!

I hope you are excited for more stuff from me! This is an incredible opportunity that offers me mentorship and another platform for my work. Follow me over there if you want to see more content – I’ll be doing beauty and lifestyle, but also probably some creative writing and opinion pieces.

Thank you for your support and helping me to receive this opportunity. I love you guys!

See you there!

Zoe x

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Exciting Announcement!

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