What’s In My Uni Bag?

With back to school season happening in the Northern Hemisphere and my own final semester of University in its first few weeks, I thought it was appropriate to share what I carry with me always in my university/college/school/whatever you need it for bag. Hope this gives you some ideas of essentials to take with you!


  1. Phone – Samsung Galaxy S5 with Marble Case from Kmart
  2.  Mimco Purse
  3. Dangerfield Sunglasses
  4. Notebook – Typo
  5. Umbrella – from an Easter Show bag? No idea lol
  6. Water
  7. Headphones – Ladies Markets Hong Kong
  8. Portable Charger – typo
  9. Samsung Galaxy Tab A with case from Paddy’s Markets
  10. Pendo tablet keyboard
  11. Blistex Lipbalm
  12. Coin purse

In terms of the two pouches you see, one is for my pens and the other is my anxiety/emergency kit.


In my pencil case, I always carry a shitload of pencils and pens, as well as a highlighter, USB and post-its. My pouch is from Smiggle (maybe 7 years ago, sorry!).


I’ve done a post previously on my anxiety kit, but it’s been a bit updated, so I thought I’d show you what I keep in it. The pouch is from Forever 21.

  1. Pads/tampons
  2. Spare headphones
  3. Mouthwash (or gum)
  4. Hand sanitiser
  5. Hand Cream
  6. Solid Fragrance
  7. Face Wipes
  8. Nail File
  9. Lollipop (or any snack with sugar in case I feel like fainting #lowbloodsugarproblems)
  10. Safety Pins
  11. Mirror
  12. Hair ties & bobby pins
  13. Throat lozenge (I normally also have panadol in here too)
  14. Facial water spray for when I feel a panic attack coming on

I hope you guys found this helpful! I have a few more posts on university, such as makeup and everything you need to know. I’m also doing an entire series of university tips over on My Trending Stories, so go check it out! I’ve learnt a few things in my years at uni.

Zoe x

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What’s In My Uni Bag?

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