My Favourite Face Masks

It’s no secret that I love a good facemask. Even if they didn’t do anything beneficial to my skin, there’s something really nice about feeling like you’re doing something relaxing for yourself.

My favourite kinds of masks are clay masks, as they’re cooling, tightening and really good for under-the-skin pimples. But, I switch them up as it’s not good for you to only use clay. I’ve broken down my favourites into two categrories: moisturising masks and purifying masks. Basically, ones that hydrate and ones that pull the gunk from your face. You may find after using a purifying mask that you break out, but that’s just the mask doing its job by bringing impurities to the surface (just like after you get a facial). I hope you get some inspiration for your next pamper night!



  • Origins Drink Up Intensive

Slathering this on before bed makes my skin plump and glowy when I wake up – it’s a perfect, truly hydrating moisture mask that definitely works.

  • Bioderma Sensibo Mask

This mask is really nice when you want to do a mask but you don’t want to do anything full on. It’s gentle, calming and a lovely staple.



  • Glam Glow

This stuff is INTENSE. I only use a teeny bit on my breakouts/breakout prone areas to help clear up my skin and it definitely leaves my skin cleaner than it was before. I really like it, but it’s SO expensive.

  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Purifying Enzyme Mask

This is probably my favourite purifying mask of all time. It works really well to soothe and calm down blind pimples, and is just a damn good mask. Really affordable, smells nice, and full of good ingredients? Must have.

  • The Face Shop Blackhead White Clay Nose Pack

This technically isn’t a facemask, it’s a pore strip, but I had to include it. I’ll be honest, I prefer a good DIY egg strip or a proper fabric one, but this is really good for those hard to reach areas (like around your nostrils). It’s pretty messy, so just be warned, but it’s a pretty good pore strip for blackheads.

Hope you’re excited to try some of these!

Zoe x

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My Favourite Face Masks

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