Ultimate Selfie Makeup

Getting the ultimate selfie is, of course, everyone’s biggest priority! Okay, I’m kidding, but knowing makeup that photographs well is pretty helpful. Of course, a bright lip and graphic eyeliner will look stunning in any photo, but I’ve decided to show you a much more natural look that I’ve tailored to play up my features in photos. Hope you enjoy!


The base is everything in a photo, so I’ve gone for a porefilling primer, a bit of colour correcting under the eyes, lightly filled in brows (but still filled in) and a medium coverage foundation. I blended all of this in super well with a beauty blender.

I then moved onto my eyes. My eyes are the feature I like to play up to most, so I took my time here. Now, because I have brown eyes, I chose warm neutrals with a hint of purple from Too Faced’s chocolate bar palette to really make the colour pop. I kept the technique simple – darker colours on the outer v and crease and blended under the lashline. I also rubbed out some dark brown eyeliner (L’Oreal) after tightlining and waterlining. Lining my whole eye in a dark liner really makes the brown pop I feel. I curled my lashes and added approximately three hundred coats of Chi Chi mascara. I went for a nude, matte lip by Colourpop (Midi) and patted it in with my finger as I feel a subtle lip suits me better.IMG_0251.JPG

I then concealed (light for undereyes, normal for face), set that with the lightest colour from the Australis AC On Tour palette, and set my whole face with Hourglass Dim Light.


I feel that contour is the most important thing in a photo, as the light can really take away the shape from your face. I used Hoola by Benefit, Moonstone by Becca for a highlighter and this beautiful elf blush. IMG_0250.JPG


Zoe x

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Ultimate Selfie Makeup

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