My Relaxing Night Routine

I love reading night routines, so I thought I’d share mine with some pretty photos! Hope you enjoy!

I usually get home from work around 8pm. The first thing I try to do is put everything away & take my makeup off. At the moment I’m using the Rosehip micellar water but I tend to buy whatever’s cheapest.


I’ll then make myself some dinner. Considering I get back so late, I usually like to make a big batch of something earlier in the week for me to eat every night, something like a big pasta bake, stirfry or risotto that I can heat up and is full of veg.

After this, I’ll do my exercise if I haven’t done it during the day. For me, that’s usually just a circuit of things like squats, mountain climbers, cycle crunches and burpees – stuff like that. I won’t normally go for longer than 20 minutes. There’s something really therapeutic about working out at night, so if you struggle in the mornings, you might like this way. It really helps me get out my stress, tiredness and resentment from the day.

I’ll then shower and do my skincare routine. You can read all about that here, though these days I tend to use the NUXE oil and a konjac sponge to wash my face.


After I’m all clean and cosy, I make myself a tea and get to work doing assignments, readings or whatever I need to do. If, by some miracle, I have nothing to do, I’ll work on a blog post of watch an ep of a TV show. I’m one of those people who binge watches TV shows, but I’m slowly getting through Mad Men (I know, I know, I’m so late on the bandwagon), so I have something to watch.


If I’m going to be working for a long time, I’ll make myself a peppermint tea, but if it’s just a bit (half an hour or so) I’ll make a cammomile. I love cammomile tea before bed as I do really find it relaxes me.


During this time, I’ll figure out what I need to do the next day. I love lists, so I just jot down everything I need to get done. I feel this way I go to sleep a lot less anxious about how busy I am.

It’s then time for me to brush my teeth, and do some stretching. It’s now that I’ll say goodnight to my roommate and close my door – basically within half an hour of sleeping. I’ll do a yoga session using downdog, or simply just stretch myself out on my mat.


If I’m feeling it, I’ll light a candle. I’ll always finish the texts I need to text and put my phone away, and read a book for a while, just to give my eyes a break. I’ve recently been using the app ‘Twilight’ that filters out the blue light, and I’ve found this helps. Still, I’m a mad reader, so I use this time to catch up. I’ll also use some hand cream and lipbalm.


When I’ve finished reading and am starting to get really sleepy, I’ll fill in my Thankful Journal that helps remind me of all the good things I have. I try to meditate a couple of times a week, and I always use the app Smiling Mind. I highly recommend you try it if you’re thinking about meditating, it is super easy to follow and I genuinely think it works. I just realised how sponsored that sounded… trust me, it’s not! (I’m not that popular on here lol)


Now, I get to do my favourite thing besides eating, sleep 🙂



Zoe x

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My Relaxing Night Routine

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