How To: Be Confident

It’s no secret that most people want to be more confident. Exuding confidence makes you more attractive, well-liked and simply a happier person. If you aren’t blessed with natural confidence, all you have to do is fake it!

1.Trick yourself

If you convince yourself that every moment is a chance to prove how confident and fun you are, you’ll automatically come off that way. Just make sure you are careful that it doesn’t come off as obnoxious! Fun fact, this is also a good way to ace exams: convince yourself that they are fun and a chance to prove your intelligence.

2. Wear clothes & makeup that suit you and make you feel good

Honestly, it’s probably time you cleared out your wardrobe and makeup collection. You know those things we keep and wear but never feel good in? Get rid of them. Life is too short to wear stuff you hate. If you feel most confident in a red lip, rock it every day. Why the hell not?

3. Don’t try and ‘fit in’ with the confident people

If you think that listening to Violent Soho on repeat and smoking will make you cool and confident, you’re wrong. There is no magic formula to being confident other than simply being you and rocking it. If you are a J-Pop fangirl, just embrace it. It’s that type of confidence that everyone wishes they had.

4. Body language

Sit up straight, walk with your head up, stop looking down at your phone all the time. Trust me. Also, this means you see more of the world around you. You can always learn more just by simply observing.

5. Stop comparing

Unfollow all those hot instafit models on instagram. They aren’t helping you embrace and be confident in YOU. Stopping comparing yourself is difficult as we are programmed to act that way. However, you can do it, you just really need to learn to not give a fuck. And voila! You’re a bad bitch full of confidence.

6. Exercise and looking after yourself

Most times our confidence is related to our appearance. I’m not saying that to be confident you have to be hot/fit/always at the gym, but looking after yourself affects your mood and makes you feel healthier and better. Even if you’re just making an effort to move more, this will help you look and feel better. Win win.


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How To: Be Confident

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