My Exercise/Fitness Routine

I am not a fitness nut, I’m telling you that now. I genuinely do not like exercise at all. But, I do recognise the importance of it, and I feel much better and look much better for it. So, after trying for almost a year to perfect it, here is my exercise routine that works for me.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

TIP: I like to mix up my workout outfits to keep me interested. Occasionally I work out in sneakers, but more often than not I just wear socks or go barefoot. Mat is from Cotton On Body.
My outfits are:
Left: Nike sports bra, kmart leggings. MIDDLE: Forever 21 sports bra, Cotton On Body joggers, Nike Roches. RIGHT: Kmart t-shirt & sports bra underneath, Forever 21 shorts

DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind, I also eat a reasonably healthy diet with lots of veges and not much meat or dairy when I can avoid it. I am also naturally slim. I’m not telling anyone that they need to exercise, this is just what I like to do 🙂

Every week I write up a plan of when I’m going to fit in working out. I workout from home and hate doing it in the mornings, so it tends to be after work at night or through the day if I can fit it in. I have learnt recently that if I break up the days into target sections instead of whole body workouts, I get much less sore and am much more motivated to do it. I also add to this plan a word of inspiration (for me this week, I want to look good in a bikini when I go to Thailand), and keep a track of how many weeks I’ve completed this plan. Studies show it takes about 8 weeks to see visible results, so that’s one of the reasons I keep note of when I stay on track.


When I can, I love going for walks around the park or with my dogs when I visit my mum. I think being outside in the sunshine does wonders. If I can, I like bigger walks too. I recently did the Bondi to Coogee walk in Sydney and it was full on, but I really loved it (though my calves killed for four days after lol).


I also love some Yoga. I follow the Down Dog app or Madeline Shaw’s yoga programs, of which my favourite is her stress yoga.


After some kinetic stretches, I roll out my mat, blast some music and start one of these workouts.


-250 squats (100 of these wide leg)
-50 x each leg side leg raises
-30 x each leg lunges
-30 x leg raises
-30 x push bum up things? Idk what they’re called, but you lie on your back with your legs up and push your hips up
-30 x each leg kicks on all fours
-30 x each leg backwards raises


-90 x bicep curls (weighted)
-90 x backwards lifts (weighted)
-90 x bent over rows (weighted) (I do three sets of thirty, not ninety at once)
-30 x leg raises
-90 x push ups
-120 x cycle crunches
-30 x plank ups (I do 30, 40, 10 of these last three for three sets)


I love to do one of these workouts:

Fat Burning Home Routine
Fat Burning & Toning Home Routine

I also recommend taking progress photos. They really help you to see how far you’ve come – which is a difficult thing to see yourself!


I hope this inspired you to get moving!

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Zoe x

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My Exercise/Fitness Routine

5 thoughts on “My Exercise/Fitness Routine

  1. howfitulous says:

    Great post! Thanks for the routine and I really like the mat. My cats have torn mine apart 😦 I hope to soon be able to say I am as consistent with a routine as you.

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