How To: Declutter your Makeup Collection

It is so easy for your makeup to accumulate and turn into a disaster zone. We are so caught up in what bloggers, vloggers and celebrities are buying that we completely lose track of what we already own and what we actually NEED. So, today I’m sharing with you my way of decluttering my makeup. I still have way more than I need, but at least it’s all organised and culled down to things I actually use, in an organised way that I can see what I own. Hope you enjoy!

1# Lay it all out.


I keep my makeup in a drawer set, so the first step is to take the drawers out and empty them. You’ll soon start to see how much room you’re actually taking up.

2# Be ruthless.

Throw out old stuff, don’t just hold on because you’re sentimental. Have a donate pile ready for friends and family. Move stuff that doesn’t need to be kept with your makeup. Be real about it – you’ll know if you’re keeping something for no reason.

3# Clean it all.

Give everything a good wipe down with a makeup wipe which will freshen everything up more than you’ll realise.

4# Give away.


I ended up with all this stuff that I just knew I wasn’t going to use again, or that I had duplicates of. I’m going to let my relatives and friends go through it and see if there’s anything they like. If not, they go in the bin.

5# Tidy and organise.

Now everything is clean and cleared out, organise your space in a way that makes it easier for you to get ready, as well as looks the way you want it to look.


In my top drawer I keep concealer, primer, foundation, powder, palettes, eyeshadow singles and quads, eye stuff, eyebrow stuff and mascara.


In my second drawer I have my lip products, cheek stuff, lashes and tools, as well as moisturisers and miscellaneous skincare. If you want to see what’s in my collection, check it out through my series!

All of my compartments are plastic tubs from the $2 shop or cut apart boxes/box lids/anything I can find. Really cheap and customisation, would definitely recommend trying this out if you have drawers like me!

I hope you found this helpful, or at least reminded you that you need to get cracking with clearing our your makeup!

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How To: Declutter your Makeup Collection

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