Getting Over a Breakup

Breakups are no fun. At all. But, we can get over them if we try. What I’m about to say is so cliched but the biggest helper is time. These tips can help you with the initial shock and grief, as you have just lost someone, but ultimately it is up to you to save yourself. Give it time, and you will heal.

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Do NOT Try And Remain Friends

If they break up with you and want to remain friends, that’s probably because they want their egos stroked by someone who’s still into them. If you broke up with them and want to remain friends, you’re probably doing it for the same reason. Either way, this is bad. Give yourself time to learn who you are on your own before you attempt to be friends. Trust me, it never works out.

Distractions are Key

Good books, movies, music, YouTube, naps – it goes on – are all outlets to escape the real world. Why not use them? Forget about it all for a while, and you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel after.

Remind Yourself Who You Are and What You Like To Do

It’s so easy in a relationship to be caught up in the other person.Try and remember what it was you used to do for yourself and yourself only. Is it blogging? Reading? Playing Halo? Whatever it is, embrace it. That’s you, and you don’t need another person to validate that.

Eat, Sleep, Drink Water

If it’s been a messy break up or an amicable one, people still forget to take care of themselves. Don’t do this. Just do little things like remember to eat and shower, and normalcy will return. Don’t prolong the pain by letting yourself go.

Surround Yourself with Friends

Friends and family are the key to laughter and joy, which is what you need to get through a tough time. Don’t be scared to lean on others, and I’m sure one day you can return the favour.

Most Importantly…

Remember, you broke up for a reason. Love is supposed to be unconditional, and if you’ve broken up, it’s simply not unconditional. Give yourself time to heal, be only and unequivocally yourself, and love will find you again. It is not hopeless. Chin up and smile šŸ™‚

I hope this was helpful to some of your out there! I know, it’s a shit situation. But you can get through it – and you will!

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Getting Over a Breakup

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