How To: Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Keeping your bedroom tidy is one of the most difficult things unless you are born super organised. I, unfortunately, am not this way inclined. So, in order to keep my room in a decent state, I have found some ways that help me keep my room always neat and tidy. I can tell you now that this does wonders for my productivity and mental health. Tidy room, tidy mind!

1.Keep On Top Of It


It is so easy to let your room get out of control, especially high traffic areas like your bedside table and desk. So, put aside 5 minutes each day to tidy it up, and you’ll never have to do an enormous tidy ever again! In the photos below, my desk took me about 3 minutes to do and my bedside table about 2. All I did was put stuff away and throw out some old flowers. Easy!




2. Make Your Bed


Yeah yeah, this is pointless, blah blah. However, making my bed is a habit I’ve come into and now I feel really weird if it isn’t made. It just puts me in such a better frame of mind and means I can’t get back into bed, which stops me from napping all the time and being genuinely lazy as hell.

3. Decorate


Make your room a place you want to be in and keep clean. Is everything in a layout that you like? Are the colours and decor suited to your personality? Even little touches like fresh flowers and candles can make the world of difference. Love your room, and you’ll never want it to get messy.

4. Get rid of your ‘dump zone’


Every room has that one area that becomes a dump zone for dirty clothes and random crap. For me, it’s an area I have for meditation/reading as it’s where I keep my workout equipment. When I’m finished with a workout, I’ll just throw stuff there. To combat this, I brought in a place to store all my workout stuff and rearranged my pillows all nicely so that I physically can’t dump stuff anymore. Easy.

5. Organise


This brings me to my last point, which is making it impossible to be messy with organisation. If everything has a designated place, it becomes much harder to let everything get out of control. Beside my bed used to be so bad until I brought in this magazine holder to hold the books I’m reading at the moment and my journal. It’s neat and out of the way, and means I can’t just throw things down next to me and trip over them in the morning.

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How To: Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

5 thoughts on “How To: Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

  1. This was a great post, I had a chair in the corner of my room. I have never sat on it or used it, but it was just somewhere to dump everything on. I finally got rid of it and now I put the things way, I could really relate to this post was great.


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