Moving House Tips

I’m moving house! As I have been living with my roommate whilst attending uni for three years, I have had an absolutely amazing time with my freedom and own space. However, finding myself on the brink of a three week holiday with no job and no uni to keep me up here, it was in my best interest (and my bank’s) to move back in with my mum. I know some of you may consider this a step backward, but I absolutely adore my mum and step-dad, and am really looking forward to spending more time with them (and eating their free food lol). So, considering I’m right in the middle of packing up my life, I thought I’d share my best tips with you!

-Write a Plan

If you write a plan for what needs to be packed, not forgetting things and establishing an order of packing and what you need to transport your things will be a world easier.


-Have a Friend

For me, this is essential. My mum’s been up to help me pack and not only do you get the work done so much faster, it’s just a more fun way of doing a boring and stressful task!

-Use Plastic Boxes


This is a bit more expensive than the traditional cardboard box way of moving stuff, but this is SO much better. Easier to stack, store, label and they keep your stuff a lot more protected during the move and storage. It’s also so much easier to see exactly what’s inside if they’re clear boxes

-Understand the Space You’re Moving Into

Ask yourself if your new space is smaller or larger. How will you style it? Do you need more or less? Where are you going to put your furniture? If you figure this out before you go, you’ll make actually moving in a whole lot easier.

-Use Your Move as an Opportunity to Cull

This is not as hard as it sounds! Follow the steps of defining your personal style/taste in a few words, and then you can immediately throw out/donate everything that doesn’t match that. For your wardrobe, you could write down your staple pieces, and same for jewellery, shoes and makeup. Anything that doesn’t make the ‘essentials’ list should at least be considered to be donated or thrown away.

-Think of Who You Know

Do you have to hire movers? I think I’ve used a mover once in my life. Everyone knows someone that can lend a helping hand, or even just a bigger car. If you don’t have to do the move in all one hit, then maybe you could even do it all yourself. This will save you a tonne of money.

-Skip Shopping

Try not to buy anything you don’t desperately need a few weeks up to your move. Not only does it save you stuff to pack/move, but it also saves you money that you’ll probably need for the whole moving process. It can get expensive quickly.

-Crank the Music up


You can’t be packing for hours in silence! So, use this time to get some good music on and feel good while you’re doing it.


-Remember to Look After Yourself

Don’t forget to drink lots of water and eat well! If you have no energy, you won’t be moving very fast.


Zoe x

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Moving House Tips

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