I’ve Finished University!

Three years ago I started my degree in Media, majoring in PR and Advertising. I was blown away at how difficult the entire process was; moving to a new city, making friends, figuring out how the system worked AND trying to keep up good grades. Now, I only just feel like I’ve got the hang of it, and I’m finished!

Uni was really hard for me. Nothing really prepares you for going from high-achieving to only just passing. The readings are long and boring, attendance isn’t marked, and you’re just thrown into this world you aren’t prepared for. Everyone used to tell me I’d meet my friends that would be friends forever at uni, but through my first year, I really didn’t believe that. Meeting people was hard, as I was trying to balance part time work and classes. I found that most of the stuff we learned was not even relevant to the real-life job, as in my internship I found that I used nothing of the theory we learnt and had to start again from scratch.

It got easier, though. The more I got through my degree the easier the work became. I met some incredible people. I became excellent at managing my time, so that this year I was not only doing full time uni to a high level, but also working (I had 10 tutoring kids that I saw for >1 hour each a week and lesson prepped for), maintained this blog and another, eating healthy and working out, maintaining a social life and staying in touch with my family, all while being able to read when I wanted to read, have time off, write a novel and watch all my favourite tv shows. This time management has been the best part of uni.


As for now, my goals are pretty simple. Yesterday, I moved back in with my mum and step-dad to save some money (Sydney rent is expensive as hell), and to figure out where I’m going. I go overseas in a week for a month, and then after that I’ll be hunting for jobs. This really scares me, but I’m really excited.

If anyone is hating uni or really struggling, it does get easier. There is nothing wrong with failing a class or perfoming poorly – everyone does. The great thing about it is that there is no competition anymore. No longer are you competing for a mark to get you into a course, but if you pass you get your degree.

Thank you all so much for helping me find a creative outlet that I immensely enjoy here on this blog. All 240 of you are so appreciated by me, and are one of the reasons I can happily say I’ve finished my goddamn degree, and survived the three years of hell that went with it.


Zoe x

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I’ve Finished University!

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