How To: Pack For An Overseas Trip

In less than a week I’m heading over to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for an after-university trip! I couldn’t be more excited, so I’m sharing with you my tips on how to pack. Don’t worry – I’ll be posting when I can with pictures from my travels!


Those who have read me for a while now know I’d never do anything without a list. Make note of all the things you’ll need to take, what you’ll need to take them in, what you need to buy, etc. If you start this early enough, you’ll never forget a thing.


Where are you going?

Every country is different, so familiarise yourself with it. Will you need powerpoint adaptors? A visa? Is it tropical and you’ll need insect repellent? What about vaccinations? Get to know where you’re going and make sure you’re prepared.

Can You Fit It All As Carry On?

I can’t remember the last time I checked in a suitcase. If you can fit it all in two carry on bags (for me it’s this nike sports bag and a backpack), then don’t bother checking in anything. It saves you money and time waiting for a suitcase to come round on a carousel.


Pack for the Weather

This is a pretty straightforward one, but make sure you aren’t packing for the weather you’re in but the weather you’ll BE in. If you’re worried you’re going to be cold on the plane, take a long scarf to use as a blanket (which can also be used to pack fragile things later). Also, be prepared for any eventuality. If you forget a jumper, you might really regret it.


Wet Clothes Bag

On a similar note, if you’re going somewhere where you’ll be taking swimmers, buy yourself a wet clothes bag. I got this one from Forever 21, and it’s not only great to store all my bikinis in, but also to travel with as it keeps them separate from the rest of my luggage.


Plan Your Plane Trip

I have a post all about my carry on essentials here, which gives a list of everything I take with me on a long flight. I find it really helpful to have all your entertainment in one place, such as books, music, games and tv shows/movies on a tablet.

Plan Outfits in Advance

When you’re packing, make sure you’re packing versatile outfits. Plan out what you’re going to wear with what, and make sure you aren’t taking more than you need. If you’re moving around a lot, you’ll definitely regret bringing an extra 10 kgs of clothes that you probably didn’t need.



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How To: Pack For An Overseas Trip

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