Travel Outfit, Makeup & Hair

I’m heading over to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in a week as a graduation gift to myself. So, I thought I’d share a great outfit with makeup and hair to wear while travelling internationally!


I like to keep it really simple when flying – leggings, a comfy t-shirt, a cardigan and sneakers are a must. I also wear a sports bra as it’s just way more comfortable. Bringing extra socks for the cold plane is also a really good idea.



For me, I hate having my hair in the way when I’m moving around so much at the airport and then trying to sleep on the plane. Braids are my go-to, as they keep your hair relatively fresh and completely out of the way. Bonus is when you take them out at your destination and your hair is nice and wavy!



I don’t wear makeup on planes as I like to wipe my face off with a baby wipe every now and then. However, if the plane trip isn’t that long and you have somewhere to be when you get there, a little bit of BB Cream, mascara, lipgloss and some blush can make you look a lot more put together than you feel.

>Chi Chi Super CC Cream, Benefit Roller Lash, Elf Blush in Candidly Coral, Tanya Burr LipGloss in Daydream


Zoe x

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Travel Outfit, Makeup & Hair

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