Phuket Travel Diary 2016

​As a graduation present to ourselves for finishing uni, my best friend and I are spending three weeks in South East Asia! For every place we go, I’ll be sharing pictures and what we did, and for each country I’ll do a lookbook. I hope you enjoy!

Destination 1 – Phuket, Thailand

We spent four nights in Phuket and loved it (although we got food poisoning and that was awful – keep your food choices plain or learn th3 hard way like we did). We stayed at the Charm Resort Phuket which was really lovely, everyone is so friendly and the rooms are incredible for what you pay. 

We swam in the pool, in Patong Beach, shopped the knock-offs, got a tattoo and rode elephants! we did this from a trusted place – please do your research if you’re going to do it. 

Zoe x

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Phuket Travel Diary 2016

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