Bangkok Travel Diary 2016

​​​As a graduation present to ourselves for finishing uni, my best friend and I are spending three weeks in South East Asia! For every place we go, I’ll be sharing pictures and what we did, and for each country I’ll do a lookbook. I hope you enjoy!

Destination Four – Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok was such a cool place to visit! I really enjoyed  the vibe of the city and I have to admit it was super nice being in a more populated place again.I don’t have too many photos as two out of the three days we visited a whole heap of the shopping centres and the  markets. We also checked out two rooftop bars which were so fun. The last day we did a day trip up to Ayuttaya and saw the Summer palace, the ruins, Buddha in the tree and did a cruise back into Bangkok and saw the Royal Palace. This trip was amazing and I’d highly recommend it! Bangkok was brilliant, but our next stop is a change of pace for sure. Get ready for Cambodia!


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Bangkok Travel Diary 2016

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