Hanoi Travel Diary 2016

​​​​As a graduation present to ourselves for finishing uni, my best friend and I are spending three weeks in South East Asia! For every place we go, I’ll be sharing pictures and what we did, and for each country I’ll do a lookbook. I hope you enjoy!

Destination Eight – Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is a lot cooler than everywhere else we’ve been! It’s a welcome change, but we were not prepared for it in terms of clothes! Although Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, it is a lot less modern than Ho Chi Minh. It’s a weird mixture of Chinese and French influence but it’s quite pretty! We visited  one of the ridiculously big shopping malls, the famous lake, Old Quarter and night markets. We’ve mostly just chilled out, as there isn’t a whole heap to do up here. Next we head to Ha Long Bay though, a couple hours East of here, for two days before we fly home!

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Hanoi Travel Diary 2016

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