Best Christmas Music & How To Enjoy It • Blogmas


  • Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

    To get us started in the Blogmas series, I felt it was only fitting to begin with my favourite Christmas music and how to enjoy it. There’s something so magical about Christmas music that always puts me in a festive mood no matter the time of year, and makes me always grateful for time and laughter with family and friends.

    If you love a good Christmas mix, check out my Spotify, as all of these songs I’ll mention will be there for you to listen to! My username is zoeninataylor.

    My Favourite Christmas Tunes

    -Pentatonix Christmas Albums: these are hands down my favourite!

    -Michael Buble: you can’t go wrong with a bit of Buble this time of year!

    -Classics: everything from the Mean Girls version of ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ to Mariah’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ are essentials for Christmas

    -Film soundtracks: if you’re not into traditional carols and music, try listening to a background of a film. My favourites are Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone and Love Actually. Perfect amount of Christmassy sounds to get you in the mood.

    Best ways to enjoy Christmas Music

    -Putting up decorations


    Something about blasting Christmas music while putting up your tree and other Christmas decor really sets the mood, and I personally can’t put up my decorations without a good selection of songs!

    -With a cup of hot chocolate


    Any type of Christmassy drink is even more festive with a good mix.

    -During Christmas baking


    Rolling out cookie dough, icing cupcakes and making mince pies aren’t festive enough without some crooning voice to lull you into the Christmas vibe.

    -Wrapping presents


    If this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will!

    -Generally and Always

    Don’t be ashamed if you’re like me and have been rocking the Christmas music since September!


    Merry Christmas, come chat!


Best Christmas Music & How To Enjoy It • Blogmas

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