Christmas 2016 Gift Guide • Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

I personally love giving presents, and pride myself on my ability to pick something that is unique. Of course, I still find myself occasionally giving a bottle of wine, box of chocolates or my mum a new perfume, but here are some tips and ideas for gift giving that might make your Christmas a bit easier and your presents a bit more personal.

*Hint: a lot of these gifts that include DIYs might be posts later on in my Blogmas series!


Tips on Giving Presents

– I always like to start by thinking about what the person I’m gifting to likes and go from there. I’ll search their favourite things on Etsy, YouTube and Pinterest and find some cool things related to something they’re interested in.
-I then ask myself if I can DIY this or a version of it. Through this process, I usually come up with something that I think is perfect, which usually includes a mix of something personal I have made myself and something bought. Most importantly, I try to think as hard as I can outside the box.
-If I have to get a person a gift voucher for whatever reason, I never just give money. If they like books, they get a Dymocks giftcard, or makeup, one for Sephora. If I really can’t think of anything, a Red Balloon voucher is perfect because they can choose an experience that they want to do.

For Mum



-Skip the perfumes and jewellery, and try and make something yourself. A great DIY for a mum might be a handmade purse, key chain, bodyscrub, facemask, baked goods, you name it. Give her something to spoil herself with – God knows most mums deserve it 🙂
– To spend a bit extra, maybe try a lovely set of wine glasses or a crystal vase. Something fancy like this is a thoughtful and practical gift.
-To really treat her, getting a voucher to a day spa is a great option for mums. They can pick a massage, facial, pedicure – you name it. The goal is to get them to have time for themselves.

For Dad


-Although I find dads really hard to buy for, there’s always something. For example, my dad loves making real espresso coffee, so exotic coffee beans are a great gift.
-Something about giving plants is a really nice gesture, so giving your dad a pot plant or a fruit tree is something they can look after and use.
-If your dad is more sentimental, getting something engraved is an inexpensive way to make that happen. An engraved pen or key ring won’t cost you a fortune, but it’s something practical.

For a Friend


-For a close friend, DIYing a memory board or thinking of a fun way to display your photos and experiences together can be an incredible gift.
-A fantastic idea is to get or create an experience to do together; this way you can spend quality time together, making memories AND giving a gift. It’s a win/win.

For Secret Santa


-Secret Santa can be a difficult one, but there are some great gifts out there that people can and will actually use that are not just a bottle of wine and a movie voucher. A great one is a set of motivation cards, like these from Kikki K. They’re personable and a really beautiful gift that people don’t tend to think of getting for themselves.
-You might think a mug or a candle might be too simple for a gift, but you’re wrong. If it’s made by you, this ramps up the thoughtfulness and quality of the gift. Also, mugs and candles are things people actually use, and are not the typical gimicky things people get as Kris Kringle gifts.


Merry Christmas, come chat!


*Header image sourced from pixabay

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide • Blogmas

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