How To: Get Festive • Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Getting into the festive spirit is not something that requires a lot of energy or money, despite what YouTube vloggers’ house tours and Pinterest recipes will have you know. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and I have compiled a list of things that help get me in the mood without spending a heap of money. I hope you enjoy!


Adding a Christmassy wallpaper to your phone or computer is probably the easiest way to help amp up your festive feeling. Try it out, there are literally millions to choose from!



I have such a thing for Christmas PJ’s. Mine here are from Target, and the red nightie from Cotton On Body. Remember, Christmas is summer here in Australia, hence why I don’t have long pants or jumpers!



If you saw my first blogmas on the best Christmas music and how to best enjoy it, you’ll know how much I live for Christmas music. Check out my Spotify Christmas playlist and I guarantee you will be feeling festive in no time.



I bought this book for just over $3AU in Thailand and I haven’t been able to put it down! It’s full of charming Christmassy stories, fairytales and poems, which always make you remember the true meaning of giving and gratitude at Christmas.



Last year, I did a post on my favourite Christmas candles, and not much has changed. Probably the main thing is that while in Asia I got my hands on the big Merry Cookie candle from Bath & Bodyworks and I think I have an addiction to it. Lighting this candle at any time of the day really amps me up and gets me excited for the holidays!



Popping on a great Christmas film is a sure-fire way to get Christmassy!

My favourites are:
-Love Actually
-The Holiday
-Arthur Christmas
-Home Alone 1 & 2
-Harry Potter 1
-Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother & Friends Christmas Episodes


Visiting Starbucks and grabbing a Christmas cup is just so festive. If that makes me basic, I don’t care. It’s worth it.



I can’t be the only one who wakes up to about 500 vlogmas and Christmas videos to watch on YouTube! I absolutely am loving Zoella, Tanya Burr, Gabriella (velvetghost) and AlishaMarie!

Christmas-Themed Everything


This is something I have no trouble with. Aside from decorations, I go to town with Christmas mugs, pillows, stationary – you name it. It’s the tiny little touches that really bring your mood from 0 – Christmas explosion.

Above All, Be Grateful

If you are reading this post, you have free time to read it and some device to read it on. Be grateful for what you do have, rather than wishing for the things you don’t. Embrace the giving of the season and remember that you are lucky.


Tomorrow’s post is something a bit more beauty related, so get excited! Also, please give my previous posts some love!

Merry Christmas, come chat!



How To: Get Festive • Blogmas

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