Christmas Cupcakes 5 Ways • Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Today I am sharing some fun ways to make your cupcakes super festive! I grabbed these ideas online, so I take credit for none of them. Still, they were super fun to make!


Firstly, I made some vanilla cupcakes from scratch. You could of course use packet mix. I popped them in Christmas pattypans, and when they were cool, sliced the tops off to make a flat surface. With all that leftover cake, you can do heaps of things, like cake pops, crumbs over ice cream, or in your trifle!


For each cupcake, I used piping nozzles with Duncan Hines vanilla frosting, which I dyed with food colouring accordingly. The day I decided to shoot this, though, was about 35 degrees and all my icing kept melting. That’s why they all look a bit sad and the icing isn’t sticking up as much as it should. I’m sure if you guys recreate this however, they will turn out beautifully!

Christmas Wreath


The wreath is set on white icing, with green piped with a five-point nozzle in a ring. I used red writing icing for the berry dots and the bow.

Christmas Tree


Again, this one was melting. I used green icing with a five point nozzle, m&ms, writing icing and a sugar star to decorate the tree.

White Christmas


This is the easiest of them all. I used a palette knife to smooth over some blue icing, added some silver, blue and white cachous, and piped a blue snowflake onto each. I tried my hand at melting some white chocolate and making snowflakes on baking paper, but the weather was not having it.

Santa Hat


This was the biggest fail as it was the hottest when I shot this. The rim should be puffs with a five-point nozzle, but it all melted. Anyway, the deal is a cone-shaped red centre with a white ‘fluffy’ trim and pom pom. It still gets the point across, I think!


I ran out of icing for my batch of cupcakes, so I figured a great way to decorate them easily (as they still taste amazing), is to stick in a couple of Christmas themed cocktail sticks. Easy!



Merry Christmas, come chat!


Christmas Cupcakes 5 Ways • Blogmas

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