Christmas Cocktails • Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Today’s post is for those over legal drinking age and one of my personal favourite things about the holidays – festive cocktails! I’ve found some recipes and compiled them here so you can get some inspiration about what to serve with Christmas lunch.

Mojito & Sangria Ice Blocks

Considering it’s summer here in Australia, cocktail ice blocks are the perfect thing!

For the mojitos, use 2 cups soda water, 1/2 cup good quality lime cordial and 1/2 cup white rum, filling up Popsicle moulds. Then, add two thin lime slices per ice block and 3 mint leaves then freeze.


For the sangria, use 1 1/2 cups red wine and 1 1/2 cups lemonade in the moulds, then adding red grapes and orange rind into each one. Freeze, then enjoy!


Champagne Sugar

Combine 1/4 cup caster sugar and 4 tsp of Bitters until the sugar is malleable, then place in moulds and bake at 110C for one hour. Cool, then add to a glass of champagne.


Moscow Mule

For a classic Moscow mule, use a shot of vodka, topped with ginger beer and some bitters, along with some lime juice and ice. Easy!


Rosé Spritz

Use a half glass of rosé with some soda water, ice and some springs of mint and a bit of sugar for a refreshing wine-based cocktail.


Merry Christmas, come chat!


Christmas Cocktails • Blogmas

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