Celebrating Christmas With Friends • Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Spending time at Christmas with friends is just as important as family. These are the people you have chosen to be around you all year, and you want to make sure their love and support of you is realised. In some cases, families aren’t even as close as friendships are. Still, we have a commitment to spend Christmas Day with our family, but that just means you can get creative when celebrating with your friends! Here are my ideas.


Never discount the idea of doing a full blown Christmas lunch with your friends. Although this doesn’t have to be on Christmas Day, you can get dressed up, bring presents and a plate of food, and stuff yourselves while watching Christmas movies and playing board games. If you can all get together before or after Christmas, why not go all out?

Adventure Time

By the time this post goes up, I would have run an entire Amazing Race for my best friend. She loves the show, so I thought, why the hell not? I picked a day we were free, and spent my time organising, creating challenges, writing out clues and setting up the finish mat with all her presents on it. This way, we can spend time together while doing something fun and also getting presents. Win win!

Christmas Markets

If you and your friends lead particularly busy lives, why not try and hit up a Christmas Market? You can get a cup of mulled wine, peruse the gifts for sale and spend quality time together while feeling all festive.

Christmas Picnic

Having all your friends bring a plate of Christmas food is easy, so why not make them bring it to a picnic? Picnic parties are inexpensive, as they can be done in local parks or even in your backyard. You could even get everyone to come over earlier and help cook the food and set up! It just takes a bit of time to get decorated if you’re going all tumblr, but the results will be worth it. Go to town on the fairy lights if you’re doing it in the evening, it is Christmas after all!

Secret Santa

This is a classic friends-on-Christmas thing, but why not make it a bit different? Instead of just drawing names out of a hat, play the Secret Santa game, or pass the parcel, or set yourself a limit with a goal, i.e. the most ridiculous present that you can find. Just remember to put a ban on chocolates and alcohol – you don’t want all the presents to be easily found and not creative!

Christmas Eve

In Australia at least, it seems to be tradition that Christmas Eve is reserved for going out with your mates and getting pretty smashed. Why not keep up the tradition? My only advice would be to stick to places that you know they aren’t going to rip you off at because it’s Christmas – so stay within pubs and casual bars rather than fancy nightclubs.

How are you spending Christmas with your friends?


Merry Christmas, come chat!


Celebrating Christmas With Friends • Blogmas

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