DIY Present Idea – Homemade Candles • Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Today is my last – and favourite – DIY gift idea! I think a homemade candle is such a beautiful gift, as you can customise everything from size, scent, colour and packaging, which makes it so unique to the person you’re giving it to! It’s also reasonably inexpensive, quite fun and easy!

You Will Need

-candle wax (I used soy wax, which I got fromt he craft store for $8 a packet)
-candle wicks
-candle wick stands
-microwave, microwave safe bowl, spoon and skewer, scissors
-baking paper
-candle jars
-scents; essential oils, herbs, fruits, flowers
-food colouring



Measure out how long each wick will need to be, from the bottom of the jar to a couple cm over the top. Trim these down and prepare a plate with a couple of sheets of baking paper on it.
Melt down a bit of the candle wax in the microwave, using low settings and for a small amount of time. My candle wax came with instructions so I followed those.

Drop your candle wicks into the melted wax and let them soak for a few minutes, then place on baking paper until they are completely dry. Then, thread the ends into the stands. I found doing this when they were dry WAY easier, and snipped the end into a pointer shape to fit in easier.



Now, measure out how much wax you will need per candle jar. Break up the wax and fill the jar, then add some more. For reference, how much in that mason jar photographed filled only half of that jar. Transfer the wax into your bowl and melt down.


If you’re going to add food colouring (I chose not to), add that now in tiny amounts, mixing well. That’s the best way to get the wax to adhere to the colouring. Then, add your scents. I went with lavender and rosemary, and lime and mint. Just make sure it’s all mixed well, and rub the herbs between your hands before adding them, to make their scent stand out. I chose to add the bits after filling the jar with candle wax, to make sure they were evenly distributed. Having a skewer on hand is the easiest way to arrange the herbs in the liquid wax.



Then, place the wick in, and make sure it is sitting upright. I found that just bending over the end of the wick was enough.



Leave to set, then trim the wick down and decorate as you wish.


Merry Christmas, come chat!


DIY Present Idea – Homemade Candles • Blogmas

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