Room Tour 2017

As you would know if you’ve been reading since last year, I recently moved back in with my mum. Now, I’ve just started my first real-life, ‘adult’ job and so (hopefully) in the next couple of months I’ll be relocating back to Sydney (the commute to work is an hour and a half each way). I have set my room up down here so nicely though – it would be a shame not to share it with you! I love reading house/apartment/room tour posts, so I thought there was no better way to showcase just how calming it is. Enjoy!

{Although I’m now working full time, I’ll still be getting posts up for you guys! They just might not be as frequent/may not include as many photos as those take time to set up and photograph. I’m sure you guys understand!}



My bedding is from Big W and the cushions are from boutique homeware shops. The fairylights are from Kmart.


Lamp is from the reject shop, dishes are from markets, frame was made by me. Bedside table is from kmart.


I use this magazine rack under my bedside table to keep the book I’m currently reading before bed, my tablet and my journal. I’ll also put my phone in there when it’s charging overnight.


I have this area set up for my work clothes. Considering I get up at 5.15am for work, I need to have everything planned the night before. These hooks make it super easy to choose an outfit and have it ready to go in the morning (this is my poodle Ruby).


I keep my extra beauty stuff that doesn’t fit in my wardrobe in a plastic basket under my bed.


This little area is for my sunglasses, Bluetooth speaker and my salt lamp. I have this lamp on most of the time, as it gives the most relaxing atmosphere to the room. I can also use this table as somewhere to put my computer if I’m watching something in bed. I’m trying not to do that these days though!


I just love the view from my window. This amazing frangipani tree smells like heaven and is such a nice thing to fall asleep and wake up to.


This area is a weird one. I had proper drawers for my makeup in my old place, but not so much here. The shelves in my wardrobe are used for other stuff, so I had to come up with a solution. Having this skinny bookshelf means I get to house a few of my favourite books (I have five boxes of books in storage), as well as have my makeup, nail polish and jewellery (that’s the orange box at the bottom) ready for me to select from every day.


My dogs follow me everywhere and are literally always here!

I’m lucky enough to have my desk in another room now, so all of my workout equipment, candles, and desk and work stuff is in another room. If you want to see an ‘office’ tour, I’m more than happy to write that up for you!

Hope you liked this post,

Zoe x

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Room Tour 2017

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