October Bullet Journal | 2017

You guys seem to really like my bullet journal posts – so I thought I’d keep going with them! I recently set out my spread for October and I really enjoyed the process. I hope you like it too!

My theme for this month was lavender, as it’s a pretty busy month for me, so I picked something easy to draw and accent with colour. Plus, it’s super calming and very pretty!



I kept my monthly goals and blog/book I’m currently writing trackers as I’ve done previously, and accented them with my purple crayola supertip and a little pot of lavender.


Again, if you’ve read my previous bujo posts, you’ll recognise this layout. It just works so well for me! I have the grid layout for keeping track of the days, a monthly overview and a finance tracker. I actually switched up the tracker this month to incoming/outgoing money as with an overseas trip coming up, I really need to get serious about saving!


This style of mood tracker and habit tracker worked so well for me last month, so I decided to keep it the same for this month. I love how colourful this page becomes!


I’m not entirely sold on this layout – I think it’s a bit too busy? I love the idea of the boxes, but maybe next time I won’t colour in the drop shadows. What do you think?

For what I use in my bujo, read here 🙂
Places to find BuJo Inspiration:
Amanda Rach Lee
Rachel Aust
Amanda Rach Lee Doodles Instagram

Zoe x

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