New Year Goals | Blogmas 2017

Welcome to my 12 days of Blogmas series! Every other day until Christmas I will be posting something festive for you all to enjoy 🙂

Today I wanted to throw together a quick post all about the new year and goal setting. I know everyone normally associates new year’s with failed (usually fitness related) resolutions but my type of goals are more about a state of mind than a thing happening! I like to split up my goals so they’re more manageable, and also create a pinterest board with inspiration pictures to solidify what I want visually.


-move interstate: I’m doing this anyway in January and so I’m throwing this up here because I think it’s a pretty good achievement to cross off!
-get new job interstate
-solidify new routine


-eat fresher: i.e. go and buy veg from fruit grocers instead of supermarket, keep refined carbs etc to a minimum
-meditate 3x week
-log 8,000 steps a day minimum
-journal in the evenings and do morning pages


-have $500 in savings for Christmas 2018
-create savings account for 2018 birthday
-create savings account for Korea 2018


-join a martial arts club
-make some new friends interstate
-join writing group


-work on being more passionate, more compassionate and more open
-discover 5 new artists
-watch 5 movies in cinemas
-read minimum 40 new books
-finish second book for editing
-find publishers
-finish anthology of short stories for editing

I hope this inspired you/reminded you what’s important for the new year! What are your goals?

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Zoe x

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