My Skincare Routine

I have recently changed up my makeup routine a fair bit, and thought I’d share it with you guys! I’ve been having a few issues in regards to not drinking enough water, changing my diet, hormones, etc, so I have tried to listen to my skin more and have built this routine up from there. For example, I loved the Simple cleansing oil, but although it worked really well, smelt great and made my skin feel smooth, I ended up with clogged pores all over my chin and had to stop using it. So, I’ve taken it back to basics, gone with products that I love and am definitely seeing a difference!

My first step is removing my makeup with the Garnier micellar cleansing water, which I obviously don’t have to do in the mornings though I sometimes do just to freshen up a bit. I squirt a bit of this onto a makeup round and soak my face in it till it’s feeling clean.


My next step it to cleanse, which I do in the morning at the sink and at night in the shower. I use my Vanity Planet ultimate spa system brush for this, with the Simple Face Wash. I tend to opt for the silicone brush head, but occasionally use the exfoliating one or the general one when my skin is feeling sensitive. I like the silicone one as it doesn’t harbor any bacteria. I will also use the St Ives Green Tea Scrub in place of the Simple wash a couple of times a week to give my skin a proper exfoliate every now and then.



As soon as I get out of the shower, I tone with Witchazel, which I have decanted into spray bottle to make it easier for me to use. I try to do this immediately, as the sooner you tone after cleansing the better. I’ll then use my acne treatment (clindatech), and then when that has sunk in, I’ll go in with the Simple Light Moisturiser. I used to love using the NUXE oil and I still like it, but I feel it’s a bit heavy on my skin these days, so I’ll only use it occasionally.



If needed, I’ll do some extra things. If my skin feels particularly disgusting, I’ll use a homemade sugar scrub (see the recipe here), and follow up with a face mask or pore strip. Read about my favourite face masks here! I’ve also really been liking this Kmart branded one with charcoal, jojoba and clay in it recently. Tip: always use a makeup brush to apply a facemask – minimizes wastage, is more hygienic and goes on smoother!

If I go with a pore strip, it will usually be a Biore one.

A love of mine recently has been the Mario Badesco drying lotion, which I apply overnight to dry out spots and it really does work! Buy off beautybay though – shopping for Mario Badesco in Sephora or Mecca in Australia is very expensive.

I’m really bad at remembering, but if I do, I like to put eye cream on at night. Literally any one I have at the time will do!



Is your skincare routine any different to mine?

Zoe x

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Makeup For Bad Skin Days

When we have days where our skin isn’t looking the best, it can be so easy to want to load on the foundation and hide away from the world. Doing this, however, tends to worsen the breakouts and prolong their life span. Also, the last thing you want when you’ve got spots is to spend an hour looking at yourself in the mirror. So, I’ve developed a fast makeup routine for my bad skin days that makes me feel more confident but also helps my skin breathe a bit. It’s very simple, and all it does is even my face out a bit and help my confidence. I’m not trying to cover anything up, as spots are normal and if anyone thinks otherwise, they’re not living in the real world.

So, let’s get started!

After applying my usual skincare (updated skincare routine coming soon!), I use a combination of primers. One is the Elf blemish control primer to help my skin recover, but I will also use a pore filling primer to help even out the bumpiness of my skin.


Products Used:
-Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser
-Elf Blemish Control Face Primer
-Chi Chi Super CC Cream
-Smashbox HD Concealer in Fair
-Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light
-Maybelline Green Concealer Stick
-Tarte Amazonian Clay Pressed powder
-Benefit Hoola Bronzer
-The Balm Hot Mama Blush
-ABH Brow Pencil in Medium Brown
-Chi Chi Eyeliner in Bronze Ambition
-Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Because I like to let my skin breathe, I use a CC cream, then concealer. If my breakouts are really bad I’ll use a green concealer first, but I’ll just dab a bit onto the back of my hand then press it onto the spot with my finger. I don’t go too heavy as you can see, I don’t really mind that you can still see I’ve got spots – everyone gets them. All I’m doing here is trying to make them appear a bit more calm while also helping them heal on their own.

I like to use a good quality powder on days like these that’s quite finely milled, as it sits nicer and makes all that concealer last longer. For bronzer, I will only use a matte as to not emphasise any texture, and for blush I like one with a sheen to it so I don’t have to apply highlighter for the same reason.

I’ll then fill in my eyebrows, throw some eyeliner in my tightline and load on the mascara – nothing fancy, just a basic look. I choose to have nothing on my lips except lip balm for two reasons:
a) I never really wear lipstick anyway
b) a lot of my breakouts are hormonal on my chin, so I don’t want anything near them to aggravate them. You can’t really tell in the images, but I have a split lip as well, so lipstick wouldn’t have worked even if my skin was clear!

Here you can see the before and after’s for yourself – there’s nothing fancy going on here, no heavy coverage or cake face. All I want to do when I’ve got some spots is not wear makeup and cover my face in spot cream, but I’ve got to go to work and therefore look somewhat presentable. So, unless I have a huge event on, I’ll stick to my theme of letting my skin breathe, while also eating well and drinking a lot of water.



Don’t forget your hair can also play an important part. Although it might be scary to tie your hair up when your skin is looking bad (we tend to hide behind our hair), if it isn’t the cleanest you might want to consider doing so to not antagonize your skin! Luckily in these photos I’d washed my hair the night before, so I was fine to leave it down – but it’s definitely something to consider!

*Disclaimer: I know that my skin isn’t the worst out there! I am lucky with relatively clear skin and I work hard at eating right, drinking enough water and using a good skincare routine to keep it that way. However, I still get the odd period where my skin says ‘fuck that’ and decides to ruin it all for me, and this is how I cope with it. Not trying to say you need to cover up any imperfections or that my skin is the worst there is*

What do you do when your skin decides to be ~problematic~?

Zoe x

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My Skincare Routine

Skincare is clearly a very personal thing – everyone’s skin is different. However, until about six months ago, I didn’t have a proper skincare routine at all, and I really suffered for it. I love learning about other people’s skincare routines, as it helped me to really solidify my own by trialling different types of products and finally discovering what works for me. I hope you enjoy this post!

For reference – I have normal/combination skin, but am prone to hormonal breakouts around my nose and chin.

The first step to ANY skincare is washing your face. I do this in the shower at night and quickly in the morning when I wake up. The thing that may surprise you is that I don’t actually use a face wash the majority of the time. Crazy, I know. I find that really rubbing my face with a well-grooved wash cloth really exfoliates and removes dirt and makeup without needing anything else, and I love that. This said, I use the Simple triple action spotless skin cleanser when my face is feeling extra filthy – around breakout times or after wearing lots of makeup.


To remove my makeup, either the reside after washing my face or at the end of the day if I don’t take a shower, I love micellar water. I’ve used both the Garnier one and the Simple one, but I much prefer the Simple one as it is much gentler on my eyes. I then apply an Acne treatment that is prescription only, called Clindatech. This is by far the only thing that ever works to keep my skin clear, but it is only prescription for those who really need it.

I use Clindatech twice a day, and always follow it up with a moisturising oil, of which my ride or die is the Shea beautifying oil by The Body Shop. I then use an eyecream – I’m not fussy about what, but I’ve been using a sample of the Kheils Creamy Avocado one, that I decanted into a sample pot by YSL so I can feel classy.


About once a week I’ll do a facemask. I love the Pores Be Pure mud mask, but have also really been enjoying The Face Shop Blackhead Out White Clay Pack which is a supremely satisfying peel-mask.

I hope this helped some of you out there! Thank you all so much for reading, and if you find me interesting, check me out on my instagram, twitter and even my tumblr!


How To: Have a Pamper Night on a Budget

It’s true, as a 19 year old university student, I can barely find the money to buy a bottle of water, let alone buy every single Lush bath bomb and Kiehl’s face masks! Yet, I still definitely need a relaxing night to myself every now and then when I feel myself drowning under the weight of assessments and my two jobs. So, here I thought I’d share my tips for having a cheap pamper night!

First things first – the bath. I’m lucky enough to have a bath in my apartment, although if you live somewhere without one like a college dorm, you can still relax! My favourite thing to do is have a long shower where I take my time to wash my hair and body, etc. To make it a bit different, I like getting a wash cloth and putting a few drops of essential oils on it and laying that on the floor of the shower – the steam helps the smell carry throughout the shower and gives the same effect as having sweet candles on the rim of your bath.

For my bath, I buy the big, cheap and cheerful litre worth of bubble bath. Although I love the idea of awesome looking bath bombs, I don’t see the point in spending my money on them, so I go for this instead. This one from coles cost me less than $2! If you really like fragranced baths, try adding essential oils or burning a highly fragranced candle.


In the bath, I love to use a great exfoliator. I made this one myself (and put it into a pasta jar I painted gold) with brown sugar and olive oil. That is literally it –  it is practically free, smells fantastic and works a charm. You can always add some essential oils in there as well, or even maybe some oats.

To shave, I love using a shower oil, though these can get very pricey. As an alternative, I use baby oil. It works just as well and always leaves my skin feeling super soft.


I always follow up with a moisturiser, and my favourite is the Franjapani body butter from The Body Shop.


I always opt for face masks that a come in tubes rather than the little pouches as they last a whole lot longer. This one is one of my favourites.


There’s nothing better than simply relaxing, watching a TV show or movie or listening to music and reading a book. Sometimes we all just need it, but this doesn’t mean Glasshouse candles and expensive moisturisers. Tealights and Netflix will always do the job 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I relax myself on a budget! Also I am so sorry about the poor quality of these photos, I can’t find my good camera and my phone wasn’t cooperating!