Blogmas Day 10 | Christmas Apartment Tour

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I go allll out for Christmas in my apartment. I just love adding knick knacks around the house to get me into the festive spirit. Today I’m sharing my Christmas apartment tour! I’m so grateful for my flatmate who lets me put all my things around the house 🎄


Bedspread – eBay
Gingerbread man – Kmart






Zoe x

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Blogmas Day 8 |Favourite Christmas Books

Christmas is such a magical time and reading is such a magical experience. When you combine them, the result is extra magic! Here are my favourite Christmas books for the festive season ✨

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

This is an anthology of short Christmas stories for all ages. Beautifully written classics and entertaining tales lurk within these pages and I find myself lot within it for hours.


The Little Match Girl

Part-sad, part-beautiful, this is a Christmas classic! I love fairytales, which you would know if you’ve ever read any of my posts about books haha, so this one is a Christmas tradition for me.


The Nutcracker

I feel I barely have to say anything about this one! I love this story and it’s just so wonderful to get wrapped up in. If I’m ever struggling to find the Christmas feeling, this is the book I always pick up.


Enid Blyton – The First Christmas

This one is a lot more biblical than the others and, although I personally am not religious, I find it very interesting to delve into the origin of the season. It inspires me to be grateful and appreciative – rather than get too greedy thinking about what’s wrapped for me under the tree.



Zoe x

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Blogmas Day 6 |Christmas Rumballs

I can’t believe we’re already over halfway of these 10 days Blogmas posts. I think these have been good for me, as it’s reminded me of the ease of blogging when you love what you post. Today, I’m giving you the recipe for my famed rumballs. I don’t say this lightly – it’s just that every time I make them, my colleagues/friends/family are always begging me to make more!


-basic cookies (I made my own sugar cookies, but milk arrowroot will work just fine)
-1/2 cup cocoa
-1/2 cup desiccated coconut
-1 can of condensed milk
-1 & 1/2 tsp rum
-extra coconut for rolling



-bake your cookies and let them cook (or just get them out of the packet). I usually make pretty ones but for this they were being crushed anyway so I made them in bad shapes!
-put them in a plastic zip lock bag and crush them/crush them with a spoon in a bowl until they are fine crumbs
-add dry ingredients and mix together
-add condensed milk and rum and combine
-section out pieces and roll into bite-sized balls
-roll in coconut to seal in moisture
-done! store on baking paper so they don’t stick to plastic 🙂






Zoe x

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Blogmas Day 4 | Christmas Morning Routine

There’s nothing quite like waking up on a morning in December. The sun is shining (at least in Australia), there’s advent chocolate to eat, Vlogmas to watch and Christmas mugs to be drunk from. It’s the most wonderful time of year for good reason! Today’s post is me taking you through my festive morning routine in December which is just the same as my regular routine, just extra Christmassy 🎄

The first thing I do is make my bed, then I head into the kitchen to brew myself some hazelnut coffee and do my Kinder advent calendar.




After this, I head back to my desk to get some journaling done. I like to do this first thing to make sure my mind is clear of all the crap that comes with being awake. I also like to do some tarot – people may disagree, but I feel like it’s kind of the same as reading my horoscope, just more interactive. I also use this time to check my bullet journal and remind myself what I have on that day.



One of my favourite things to do is then spray some Christmas room spray around and pump some Christmas tunes while I get dressed, do my hair and my makeup. It just puts me in such a good mood!



I then choose my Christmas earrings of the day, put on a Christmas scent and pack myself some Christmas treats for work, then I’m out the door.




Zoe x

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Blogmas Day 1 | My December Bullet Journal

I have been more absent than ever on this blog and I do feel bad about it, but when you blog as a full-time job, doing it for yourself kind of loses its magic. That said, I absolutely love Christmas (as any long-time readers would know), so I thought it was only fitting to crack open the ol’ laptop and spill some Christmassy words from my brain into your brain. I will only be doing 20 days of Blogmas this year as I am not only working full time during the period, I also have three interstate trips booked, 5 concerts and more than a few events 😳 Please bear with me, but also please enjoy the festivities ❄️

Without further ado, here is my December Bullet Journal:



I used to Bullet Journal back in 2017, but I wasn’t very good, nor did I really know what I was going. Giving up in the later months, I decided on a planner for 2018 but quickly realised how much I missed the freedom a bullet journal provides. So, in November I decided to go back to a bujo but really put the effort in to make it beautiful so I would enjoy creating and using it. Last month I tried out a lavender theme and loved it, but this month I went full Christmas (obviously).




I didn’t theme the month too specifically, I kept with the jumper/mitten/beanie/baking theme a lot to get all those cozy vibes going, but I tried to theme each spread more than the entire month. I felt that this gave me more freedom to get creative and I love the way it came out! I did some fun spreads like my quotes and nutcracker and added some little details like the flight numbers section as I have looooads of flight this month.



I used a pencil to doodle, a Miniso gel pen to draw and then I erased the pencil. I used Faber Castell Manga brush tips for calligraphy and some colouring, as well as Crayola Supertip markers. My journal is a dotted A5 from Officeworks.



Much love and I hope you’re feeling festive! Happy first day of December ❤

Zoe x

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Christmas Poem | Blogmas 2017

Welcome to my final Blogmas for 2017! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my 12-day series as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it and it’s gotten you feeling all kinds of festive! For our last day, I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas in the best way I know how – a poem. I love writing poetry so I hope you guys enjoy this – an Aussie’s take on Christmas!

Be sure to catch up on all my posts – there’s something for everyone!

I’ve been deciphering the days,
All twelve of them.
Hot here where it should be cold,
Stinging in the suns rays.
The nights are long
And the days are longer,
We are lost in a tangle of cold wine,
Heads spinning with Christmas song.
Our trees are plastic pine,
Covered in tinsel twine.
Throws of glittering gold,
Flashes of scarlet,
A symphony of silver,
Sparkling through windows for all to behold.
Don’t think too little of us without our snow,
Because we are just as festive as you, you know.
Slightly odd to celebrate the ice in fire,
But Christmastime in Australia I will forever admire.

Merry Christmas!

Zoe x

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Christmas GRWM | Blogmas 2017

Welcome to my 12 days of Blogmas series! Every other day until Christmas I will be posting something festive for you all to enjoy 🙂

Today I’m laying an old-school get ready with me on you all, as I had my annual family Christmas lunch a bit earlier than normal and so got to wear my Christmas outfit before Christmas day. This works well, because it might serve as inspiration for some of you!




Earrings (both snowflake studs and baubles) are from Lovisa.




Products Used:
-Sportsgirl Unicorn Drops Primer Serum
-Benefit Porefessional
-Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless, Shade 110
-Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light
-Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder in Smooth Operator
-NYX Taupe Blush (as contour)
-Hoola Bronzer by Benefit
-Elf Blush
-Smashbox Highlighting Palette
-Sportsgirl Eyeshadow Palette
-ABH Brow Wiz
-Australis Makeup Setting Spray
-Etude House Play 101 Brown Eyeliner
-Benefit Roller Lash & Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara







Dress is from Cotton On, hair curled with GHD.
Lips are Maybelline x Gigi in Lani.


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Zoe x

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