My Candle Collection

I have always loved candles. There is something so relaxing about striking a match or turning the wheel of a lighter and putting the flame to a wick, then filling your space with a warm, ambient glow and beautiful fragrance. I used to be one of those people who bought $3 candles from the dollar store and collect millions of them, but I have come to understand the scents I truly love and now stick to buying a select few good quality candles. I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I have enjoyed collecting it!

Sweet, Vanilla Scents
-Merry Cookie (Bath & Bodyworks)
-Vanilla Bean (Bath & Bodyworks)
-Vanilla Snowflake (Bath & Bodyworks)
-Warm Apple Pie – Mini (Bath & Bodyworks)
Merry Cookie – Mini (Bath & Bodyworks)



Floral Scents
-Honolulu (Dusk) – Franjipani Scented
-Fresh Cut Lilac (Bath & Bodyworks)


Fresh Scents
-Light My Fire (Typo)
-Dusk Candle (unnamed, smells exactly like the Typo one)
-Relaxation (Dusk)



Musky Scents
-Manhattan – Little Black Dress (Glasshouse)


I keep all my candles in my bedside table shelf, so they don’t get too hot.


What’s your favourite candle scent?

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Zoe x

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Favourite Christmas Products • Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Today I’m sharing some of my favourite things around the festive season, from makeup, to candles, to skincare and random stuff.

I am in love with candles this festive season! My favourites are Merry Cookie and Warm Apple Pie by Bath & Bodyworks.



My favourite nail polishes this season have been white with gold flecks. My favourite formula is by Barry M.


Christmas earrings have also been a favourite, as you can’t not feel festive with some cute snowflakes on your ears!


I have been slathering myself in Vanilla Bean Noel body lotion by Bath & Bodyworks and I am just in love. It smells like sweet vanilla, but it isn’t too overpowering and it’s super moisturising.


Lights and fairy lights have been helping me get into the festive spirit! I love this snowflake globe from Dusk filled with string lights as in a dark room you can see the snowflakes on the ceiling and walls.


Considering the amount of horrible food and alcohol this month, I’ve been making a conscious effort to take better care of my skin. Every now and then I use a glam glow mask, but most nights I’ll put the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask for extra hydration.


In terms of makeup, I have been all about the bronzing and glossy lips. Pictured are my favourites for my pale skin; NYX HD Blush in Taupe, MAC Bronzing Powder, Bath & Bodyworks Vanilla Bean Noel Lip Gloss.


This is turning into a Bath & Bodyworks hall, but their scents are to die for. The Merry Cookie antibac and hand cream have followed me everywhere this month!


What have been your Christmas essentials?

Merry Christmas, come chat!


DIY Present Idea – Homemade Candles • Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Today is my last – and favourite – DIY gift idea! I think a homemade candle is such a beautiful gift, as you can customise everything from size, scent, colour and packaging, which makes it so unique to the person you’re giving it to! It’s also reasonably inexpensive, quite fun and easy!

You Will Need

-candle wax (I used soy wax, which I got fromt he craft store for $8 a packet)
-candle wicks
-candle wick stands
-microwave, microwave safe bowl, spoon and skewer, scissors
-baking paper
-candle jars
-scents; essential oils, herbs, fruits, flowers
-food colouring



Measure out how long each wick will need to be, from the bottom of the jar to a couple cm over the top. Trim these down and prepare a plate with a couple of sheets of baking paper on it.
Melt down a bit of the candle wax in the microwave, using low settings and for a small amount of time. My candle wax came with instructions so I followed those.

Drop your candle wicks into the melted wax and let them soak for a few minutes, then place on baking paper until they are completely dry. Then, thread the ends into the stands. I found doing this when they were dry WAY easier, and snipped the end into a pointer shape to fit in easier.



Now, measure out how much wax you will need per candle jar. Break up the wax and fill the jar, then add some more. For reference, how much in that mason jar photographed filled only half of that jar. Transfer the wax into your bowl and melt down.


If you’re going to add food colouring (I chose not to), add that now in tiny amounts, mixing well. That’s the best way to get the wax to adhere to the colouring. Then, add your scents. I went with lavender and rosemary, and lime and mint. Just make sure it’s all mixed well, and rub the herbs between your hands before adding them, to make their scent stand out. I chose to add the bits after filling the jar with candle wax, to make sure they were evenly distributed. Having a skewer on hand is the easiest way to arrange the herbs in the liquid wax.



Then, place the wick in, and make sure it is sitting upright. I found that just bending over the end of the wick was enough.



Leave to set, then trim the wick down and decorate as you wish.


Merry Christmas, come chat!


The Ultimate Bath

Having a bath is not all lush bombs and Bath and Bodyworks candles. It’s really about relaxation, time out and looking after your skin. Therefore, make sure you’re getting the most out of your time! The ultimate bath is not that hard to achieve, especially if you follow my steps 🙂


Get your clothes ready to change into, and decide what kind of bath you want to run. Set all the things you’ll need on the edge of the bath to make it easier for you. Grab a drink or a snack and just make sure everything is easy and in reach – you don’t want to be stressing about anything while you’re in there.


Everyone likes their bath a bit differently, but I love bubbles. The easiest way to create bubbles for me is to buy a really cheap bubble bath from the supermarket – they don’t smell like anything, but you can fix that later. Here are some of my favourite things to put in my bath.


Baking Soda & Epsom Salts

Chucking half a cup of epsom salts and some baking soda into your bath can help draw out toxins and relax your muscles. If you are feeling especially stressed or tense, having these things in your bath can really up the ante.



Of course, if you can afford it (I sure can’t), use a bath bomb to achieve a lovely scent. I prefer the cheaper option of dropping some essential oils in the running water, which are also really good for your skin. I love lavender, ylang ylang and sweet orange scents in my baths.


Personally, I don’t see the point of using your expensive candles in the bath. I opt for cheap tea lights, as they give the desired effect and don’t affect any of the scents in the bath. I love lighting candles as they give a really lovely, relaxing mood. A word of warning: don’t accidentally drop on in the bath. You’ll be scrubbing hardened wax off your skin for days. Trust me.



A bath is the perfect opportunity to do a full body scrub. I love making my own, which you can read the recipe for here.



I know lots of people who love a facemask in the bath. I’m not such a fan, because I find with all the steam they don’t really set that well. Also, I prefer to let the warm water open up my pores for a facemask after the bath. This way you’re making the most of it all.


Body Wash

Treat yourself to a lovely body wash, and really take the time to be grateful to your body. This may sound dumb, but without your body you aren’t alive, so try and thank it. Also, ladies, this is a great time to check yourself for any irregularities. This is very important!

Entertain Yourself

If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to get bored in a bath. Therefore, why not entertain yourself?! I love to watch YouTube or TV shows (nothing too intense), or listen to some calming music.


The whole point of a perfect bath is to unwind and recharge your batteries, so make sure you’re doing everything in there with a sense of mindfulness. You have nowhere else to be, and you are allowed to relax. Embrace that feeling, as these days we too often ignore it.


Zoe x

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July Favourites

July has been a bit of a whirlwind month, but full of things I’ve been loving. I don’t do favourites very often but I need to share some of these products with you guys!



-Australis OH2Glow Foundation. This is a really great foundation that lasts all day. They have great colour selection and it has a lovely demi-satin finish that looks very natural.

-Colourpop Highlighter in ‘Wisp’. This beautiful golden colour I thought would be too dark for my super pale skin, but when you blend it along the tops of your cheekbones with your fingers, it looks really beautiful. Also, worn all over the lid as an eyeshadow is an amazing, multi-toned gold.

-Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in ‘Midi’. I have been dying over this shade (as I’m sure you can tell by the gross packaging lol), it works really well as a darker nudethat goes with most makeup looks, and that you can easily wear every day. Although it lasts through food, it does transfer a bit, and if you’re planning on eating oily foods that will take it right off.



-Jurlique hand cream in Lavender. This is a really intensely moisturising hand cream that smells so relaxing, and is perfect for those cold winter nights just before bed.

-NUXE oil. I used to only use this as a hair oil, but one day I used it instead of my Body Shop beautifying oil and I will never go back. The spray means I get the same amount every time, it smells nice and my skin feels so damn smooth! An amazing addition to my skincare routine, keeping my skin clear and radiant.



-Thankful Journal (Kikki K). I’ve been on the hunt for a gratitude journal and when I received my birthday voucher from Kikki K, I jumped at the opportunity. I used to use an app that would allow me to record the three things I was grateful about a day, but it didn’t save them. There is also something so therapeutic about writing in an actual notebook. I keep this next to my bed so I remember to be grateful each night.

-Zoella Body Mist ‘Blissful Missful’. As soon as I heard Zoella Beauty was coming to Australia, I quite frankly lost my shit. I’ve been ordering her stuff since it came out from feelunique, but a lot of the glassware they refused to ship (understandable). I am in love with the original scent, and this body mist is no exception.

-Kmart $1 Candle in Waterlilly & Lotus. It’s not secret that I bloody love these candles – the green one that is Fig & Guava is amazing. When they came out with this scent, I think I bought 5 or 6 at once. No shame, they’re so cheap and smell amazing.

-Disneyland mug from Hong Kong. As you would have seen here, recently I got back from Hong Kong and am suffering with acute withdrawals. This mug I got is so cute (and huge), meaning whenever I have a cup of tea, which is at least 4 or 5 times a day, I get to reminisce on the 30degree days while I cry into my heater. Australian winter mightn’t be that cold yo the rest of you, but I’m dying.

Hope you enjoyed! I have a VERY exciting announcement coming soon, so prepare yourselves 😉 Love you all

Zoe x

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2015 Favourites

2015 was a weird year for me – mainly average, with some really good and really shit thrown in. Here’s to hoping that by leaving 2015 behind, I can kick ass in 2016 🙂 Here are my favourites of the year that was (in no particular order)


Ecoya Wax Melts

These are really lovely, strongly scented wax melts that I light basically every day. They aren’t very expensive at all, and last for a longggg time. My favourite scents are Sweet Pea & Jasmine and Lotus Flower.

Dusk burner; $14.95

Tarte Amazonian Clay Pressed Powder ‘Smooth Operator’

I absolutely freaking love this setting powder. It sets my face without making it powdery and matte, and it’s super fine. It makes my makeup look great in both normal and flash photography, and it lasts a long time with this on!

Glitterbug – The Wombats

Easily in my top 3 albums of ALL TIME. I freaking love this album, and was lucky enough to see this tour in July. I’m also lucky enough to be going again today! My absolute favourite song from this album is ‘Be Your Shadow’


Tanya Burr Rosy Flush Cheek Palette

I love this palette – I use all three shades and they really suit my fair skin. Only complain I have is the cardboard packaging, but oh well! The products are very pigmented and blendable. A++


Mockingjay Part 2

No words. They did a stellar job of this.


Band T-Shirts

I’m gaining quite a collection of band and festival t-shirts, and I honestly never take them off. I’m always paring them with leggings, jeans, shorts, skirts – the list goes on. I was always comfy in a great conversation starter in 2015.

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy

This sweet, fresh scent was always my go-to in 2015, and will continue to be using it throughout the New Year!


Zoella ‘Wonder Hand’ Hand Cream

Most beautifully scented, moisturising hand cream I use every night before bed, that has really made a difference to the health of my skin and nails. I love it.

The Anti-Cool Girl – Rosie Waterland

This book is hilarious, terrifying, disgusting and so honest. It was a fantastic read that I highly recommend to ANYONE. This writer does Bachelor/Bachelorette recaps here in Australia that are my absolute favourite thing, and this book just proves her insane talent. Amazing book.



By far, Hannibal was my show of 2015. This is an incredible, intelligent, scary and beautifully constructed show that I can’t get enough of. It’s so good, and I’m very sad that it has ended and I don’t get to fangirl over Mads.

Mads Mikkelson


The ultimate youtuber who deserves the world, and who began to daily vlog in 2015, is my youtube favourite. She was uploading 10 times a week during most of 2015, and this, combined with her excellent content, ranks her my number one youtuber (and I watch a shit-load of youtube) of the year.

Of course, though, my favourite thing ever about 2015 is you guys – the ones who, for some reason, read this blog. I truly appreciate every single one of you that take the time to like, comment, follow, or simply just read this shit I’m putting out there. I am ever grateful to you guys.

The header photo was taken by a very talented photographer of mine, who you can find on facebook  or on his instagram. Please check him out, he is fantastic!

Thanks so much for reading! Love you guys always,

Zoe x