Christmas Makeup Look #3 β€’ Blogmas

This is my last Blogmas! For everyone who has been following, commenting, liking and reading all 24 posts – I can’t thank you enough! It’s been a challenge doing a post every day, but I’ve absolutely loved it and I’m so pleased that all of you seemed to have as well!

For my last post, here is my final Christmas makeup look, which is a super glowy, champagne-based look that I think is perfect for any Christmas occasion! I hope you love it!


To achieve glowy skin, I began with Stila One Step Correct Primer, and then put a light layer of NARS Sheer glow over my skin to even out my skin tone. For concealer, I used Collection Lasting Perfection. I added some Becca Creme Highlighter in Champagne Pop, before setting my face with Hourglass Dim Light.

For my cheeks, I went for Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, with a touch of NYX Taupe for contour. I layered on the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Moonstone, and finished with some NARS Orgasm blush. I set all of this down with NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray.

After filling in my eyebrows with BH Cosmetics micro pencil, I used Milk Chocolate from the Too Faced Chocolate Palette on my outer v, then heaped on the shade Marzipan. . After tightlining and waterlining with my Bronze Ambition liner from Chi Chi, I coated my lashes in Benefit Roller Lash.

For my lips, I wanted them nude and glossy, so I began with NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick, and then topped off with Bath & Body Works Lipgloss in Vanilla Bean Noel.





Thank you for keeping up with me this Blogmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Christmas Makeup Look #3 β€’ Blogmas

My Festive Relaxation Routine β€’ Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

The silly season is named so for a good reason, and it is only natural that it is a high stress period in terms of family, finance and just general business. Due to this, it is more important during this time than ever to give yourself an opportunity to relax. So when times are getting a bit overwhelming, this is the relaxation routine I will do to reset and give myself pause in a busy day. If you want to see more like this, My Relaxation Routine went down very well, so go check that out too!

The first thing I’ll do is put on some comfy clothes and turn my phone off. This doesn’t mean silent, it means completely off. I don’t want anyone to contact me, and I don’t want any of my social media to distract me when I’m trying to be mindful.



If I’m feeling particularly angry, I’ll have a hard workout and sweat it all away. If not, I’ll go for a long walk. Either way, exercise during the festive season is paramount as we aren’t exactly our healthiest, are we?


After this, I might take a long shower or bath, and really take time to look after my body, by exfoliating or washing my hair. Being in the water does wonders.


Lighting a relaxing candle that smells fresh and not too sweet can immediately put me in a calmer state of mind.


Alongside this, using an essential oil in lavender on my pulse points (wrists, behind my ears, temples) gets the relaxing scents going and makes relaxing practically impossible.


Brewing a herbal tea is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the moment. I try and take my time drinking it, being grateful for every sip. I like to do this outside, as sometimes what is making us stressed is being cooped up inside. Fresh air can work miracles, and people watching or simply observing nature at work in your own yard can really put your stress in perspective. A good way to help sort out your mind is journalling, so while I’m drinking my tea, I try and figure out the exact cause of my stress, and work on ways I can help resolve it. Just writing it all out – or drawing it if you’re that way inclined – has some kind of magic powers, I swear.


Is there anything else that you do to relax over the silly season? Let me know!

Merry Christmas, come chat!


My Festive Relaxation Routine β€’ Blogmas

Favourite Christmas Products β€’ Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Today I’m sharing some of my favourite things around the festive season, from makeup, to candles, to skincare and random stuff.

I am in love with candles this festive season! My favourites are Merry Cookie and Warm Apple Pie by Bath & Bodyworks.



My favourite nail polishes this season have been white with gold flecks. My favourite formula is by Barry M.


Christmas earrings have also been a favourite, as you can’t not feel festive with some cute snowflakes on your ears!


I have been slathering myself in Vanilla Bean Noel body lotion by Bath & Bodyworks and I am just in love. It smells like sweet vanilla, but it isn’t too overpowering and it’s super moisturising.


Lights and fairy lights have been helping me get into the festive spirit! I love this snowflake globe from Dusk filled with string lights as in a dark room you can see the snowflakes on the ceiling and walls.


Considering the amount of horrible food and alcohol this month, I’ve been making a conscious effort to take better care of my skin. Every now and then I use a glam glow mask, but most nights I’ll put the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask for extra hydration.


In terms of makeup, I have been all about the bronzing and glossy lips. Pictured are my favourites for my pale skin; NYX HD Blush in Taupe, MAC Bronzing Powder, Bath & Bodyworks Vanilla Bean Noel Lip Gloss.


This is turning into a Bath & Bodyworks hall, but their scents are to die for. The Merry Cookie antibac and hand cream have followed me everywhere this month!


What have been your Christmas essentials?

Merry Christmas, come chat!


Favourite Christmas Products β€’ Blogmas

DIY Present Idea – Homemade Candles β€’ Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Today is my last – and favourite – DIY gift idea! I think a homemade candle is such a beautiful gift, as you can customise everything from size, scent, colour and packaging, which makes it so unique to the person you’re giving it to! It’s also reasonably inexpensive, quite fun and easy!

You Will Need

-candle wax (I used soy wax, which I got fromt he craft store for $8 a packet)
-candle wicks
-candle wick stands
-microwave, microwave safe bowl, spoon and skewer, scissors
-baking paper
-candle jars
-scents; essential oils, herbs, fruits, flowers
-food colouring



Measure out how long each wick will need to be, from the bottom of the jar to a couple cm over the top. Trim these down and prepare a plate with a couple of sheets of baking paper on it.
Melt down a bit of the candle wax in the microwave, using low settings and for a small amount of time. My candle wax came with instructions so I followed those.

Drop your candle wicks into the melted wax and let them soak for a few minutes, then place on baking paper until they are completely dry. Then, thread the ends into the stands. I found doing this when they were dry WAY easier, and snipped the end into a pointer shape to fit in easier.



Now, measure out how much wax you will need per candle jar. Break up the wax and fill the jar, then add some more. For reference, how much in that mason jar photographed filled only half of that jar. Transfer the wax into your bowl and melt down.


If you’re going to add food colouring (I chose not to), add that now in tiny amounts, mixing well. That’s the best way to get the wax to adhere to the colouring. Then, add your scents. I went with lavender and rosemary, and lime and mint. Just make sure it’s all mixed well, and rub the herbs between your hands before adding them, to make their scent stand out. I chose to add the bits after filling the jar with candle wax, to make sure they were evenly distributed. Having a skewer on hand is the easiest way to arrange the herbs in the liquid wax.



Then, place the wick in, and make sure it is sitting upright. I found that just bending over the end of the wick was enough.



Leave to set, then trim the wick down and decorate as you wish.


Merry Christmas, come chat!


DIY Present Idea – Homemade Candles β€’ Blogmas

Celebrating Christmas With Friends β€’ Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Spending time at Christmas with friends is just as important as family. These are the people you have chosen to be around you all year, and you want to make sure their love and support of you is realised. In some cases, families aren’t even as close as friendships are. Still, we have a commitment to spend Christmas Day with our family, but that just means you can get creative when celebrating with your friends! Here are my ideas.


Never discount the idea of doing a full blown Christmas lunch with your friends. Although this doesn’t have to be on Christmas Day, you can get dressed up, bring presents and a plate of food, and stuff yourselves while watching Christmas movies and playing board games. If you can all get together before or after Christmas, why not go all out?

Adventure Time

By the time this post goes up, I would have run an entire Amazing Race for my best friend. She loves the show, so I thought, why the hell not? I picked a day we were free, and spent my time organising, creating challenges, writing out clues and setting up the finish mat with all her presents on it. This way, we can spend time together while doing something fun and also getting presents. Win win!

Christmas Markets

If you and your friends lead particularly busy lives, why not try and hit up a Christmas Market? You can get a cup of mulled wine, peruse the gifts for sale and spend quality time together while feeling all festive.

Christmas Picnic

Having all your friends bring a plate of Christmas food is easy, so why not make them bring it to a picnic? Picnic parties are inexpensive, as they can be done in local parks or even in your backyard. You could even get everyone to come over earlier and help cook the food and set up! It just takes a bit of time to get decorated if you’re going all tumblr, but the results will be worth it. Go to town on the fairy lights if you’re doing it in the evening, it is Christmas after all!

Secret Santa

This is a classic friends-on-Christmas thing, but why not make it a bit different? Instead of just drawing names out of a hat, play the Secret Santa game, or pass the parcel, or set yourself a limit with a goal, i.e. the most ridiculous present that you can find. Just remember to put a ban on chocolates and alcohol – you don’t want all the presents to be easily found and not creative!

Christmas Eve

In Australia at least, it seems to be tradition that Christmas Eve is reserved for going out with your mates and getting pretty smashed. Why not keep up the tradition? My only advice would be to stick to places that you know they aren’t going to rip you off at because it’s Christmas – so stay within pubs and casual bars rather than fancy nightclubs.

How are you spending Christmas with your friends?


Merry Christmas, come chat!


Celebrating Christmas With Friends β€’ Blogmas

Christmas Cocktails β€’ Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Today’s post is for those over legal drinking age and one of my personal favourite things about the holidays – festive cocktails! I’ve found some recipes and compiled them here so you can get some inspiration about what to serve with Christmas lunch.

Mojito & Sangria Ice Blocks

Considering it’s summer here in Australia, cocktail ice blocks are the perfect thing!

For the mojitos, use 2 cups soda water, 1/2 cup good quality lime cordial and 1/2 cup white rum, filling up Popsicle moulds. Then, add two thin lime slices per ice block and 3 mint leaves then freeze.


For the sangria, use 1 1/2 cups red wine and 1 1/2 cups lemonade in the moulds, then adding red grapes and orange rind into each one. Freeze, then enjoy!


Champagne Sugar

Combine 1/4 cup caster sugar and 4 tsp of Bitters until the sugar is malleable, then place in moulds and bake at 110C for one hour. Cool, then add to a glass of champagne.


Moscow Mule

For a classic Moscow mule, use a shot of vodka, topped with ginger beer and some bitters, along with some lime juice and ice. Easy!


Rosé Spritz

Use a half glass of rosΓ© with some soda water, ice and some springs of mint and a bit of sugar for a refreshing wine-based cocktail.


Merry Christmas, come chat!


Christmas Cocktails β€’ Blogmas

Festive Morning Routine β€’ Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Today it’s my festive morning routine! I love reading posts like these – I hope you love it!

The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a crapload of water. Considering we eat so badly this month, it’s important to help your body flush out the toxins by keeping up your water intake! I’ll then open my blinds and make my bed.




I’ll head out of my room then and check my advent calendars. I have a Cadbury chocolate one, and one that my mum puts a little gift in for me everyday since I’ve moved home. Usually it will be a bit of chocolate or a tiny festive trinket.



After this, I’ll turn on the Christmas tree lights and make myself some breakfast. This is more often than not avocado on toast and a cup of tea. I’ll connect my computer to the TV and watch all the vlogmas videos that have been uploaded through the night.




After I’ve finished, I’ll take my computer into my study and get working on my next blogmas post!


Merry Christmas, come chat!


Festive Morning Routine β€’ Blogmas