May Favourites 2017

I know it was only a couple of weeks ago that I got around to posting my April favourites, but this month I’m on time, so we’re going to go with it haha.

I’ve actually been loving quite a few things in May and I can’t wait to share them with you. Let me know if you’ve been loving any of the same things!

Elf Face Powder

It can’t be a favourites on this blog without mentioning an Elf product it seems… I got this recently and I really like it! A finely milled powder in nice packaging, and it great with the sponge for touch ups on the go. I really have enjoyed this!

Argan Oil Body Lotion

Kmart in Australia has released this range of Argan, Coconut, Shea and Macadamia oil hair and body products, like hair oils and masks, shampoos, and lotions. I got this for $4 because I love the scent of the hair oil, but wasn’t expecting much from it. Boy, was I wrong! This is one of the best body lotions I’ve ever used, comparable to body shop, Bath & Body Works and Soap and Glory. It sinks in really quickly, is super moisturising and I am surprised at how amazing it is. Definitely check it out if you’re an Aussie!


The Balm Hot Mama Blush

I grabbed this blush on a whim, and didn’t think I’d like it that much – but WOW. This is a beautiful peachy blush with a golden sheen, very comparable to NARS orgasm but more pigmented in my opinion. It’s very shiny; you don’t need a highlighter with it. But I love how easy it is for that reason – at 6am when I’m doing my makeup for work I can’t be bothered with a heap of products and this just does it all!


The Handmaid’s Tale

I have been O B S E S S E D with this show and book right now. If you haven’t watched the show and you like dystopian fiction, download the first episode NOW. I’ve been reading the book too, which I’ve also really enjoyed!


Label.m Oat & Honey Hair Mask

I definitely think this mask has helped my hair out – whenever I use it my hair becomes so soft and silky. This mask smells great and simply works great, what more would you want?










American Gods

I read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods at some point last year and loved it, but I have to admit I was skeptical when I heard they were making a show, even if it did include some fantastic actors. I stand corrected though, as this show is next level. Bryan Fuller is one of my favourite directors (he directed Hannibal) and he doesn’t disappoint here. Tip: read the book before the show, because it literally will make no sense otherwise, lol.

Nick Murphy

Good old Aussie singer Chet Faker has rebranded himself with his real name Nick Murphy and released an album, and I’ve been obsessed with it! Your Time is on repeat for me right now, it’s so chilled but sexy. Check it out here!

Zoe x

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My Favourite Childhood Books

Feeling nostalgic isn’t something a lot of people love, but I really enjoy the good memories from my childhood. So, I thought I’d share my favourite childhood books to see if any of you had the same! A lot of these are classics, and could serve as good inspiration for gifts for baby showers or christenings. If you love old books like I do, you’ll get a kick out of this one. Who says kids books are just for kids?! Enjoy!

Enid Blyton


I absolutely love Enid Blyton’s books as they are just so magical. These were my mum’s and I love to read them every now and then.

Fairy Tales


I read fairy tales way more often than I’d like to admit. There is something so calming about them. I have been through this 700+ page book probably around 50 times and I can’t get enough. Some of the stories are so quirky and beautiful, I’ll never be too old for these.

Shirley Barber


I absolutely adore Shirley Barber’s artwork, and if you’ve never heard of her, Google her. She is spectacular and the images she creates are just stunning. I can’t wait to pass these books onto my own kids some day.

Scholastic Book Fair Books


Did anyone else live for the book fairs?! I had so many of these little box books but this is the one that’s lasted. I don’t really know why, I wouldn’t have ever said I was a real girly girl (I had a thing for magic though, you can probably tell lol) but reading it just makes me smile. I used to run around the place sprinkling dust and waving my wand!



I think most people had one of these books, either this or Egyptology or Dragonology. You can still get them today and I think they’re just so cool!

Those Random Little Books…




Most people have a collection of random little books like this don’t they? I know I have practically a whole shelf of them (I have a lot of books…) and every now and then it’s so fun to peek through them and relive what I used to love as a three or four year old. They’re so cute!

Harry Potter


This can’t be a childhood book post without mentioning Harry Potter. I breathed that shit in. I had my own wand, Harry Potter book bag with notebooks I had made, my own quill, cloak, broomstick, invisibility cloak, you name it. I have a read time turner, Marauders Map and Scarf. I even used to write my own versions of the Daily Prophet. Reading these books (or one of the many other Harry Potter related books I own) immediately transports me back to a lovely place.


If you liked this post I’d be more than happy to share some of my favourite childhood movies and games too! Let me know 🙂

Here’s a bonus for making it to the end – me as a four year old!


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Ultimate Selfie Makeup

Getting the ultimate selfie is, of course, everyone’s biggest priority! Okay, I’m kidding, but knowing makeup that photographs well is pretty helpful. Of course, a bright lip and graphic eyeliner will look stunning in any photo, but I’ve decided to show you a much more natural look that I’ve tailored to play up my features in photos. Hope you enjoy!


The base is everything in a photo, so I’ve gone for a porefilling primer, a bit of colour correcting under the eyes, lightly filled in brows (but still filled in) and a medium coverage foundation. I blended all of this in super well with a beauty blender.

I then moved onto my eyes. My eyes are the feature I like to play up to most, so I took my time here. Now, because I have brown eyes, I chose warm neutrals with a hint of purple from Too Faced’s chocolate bar palette to really make the colour pop. I kept the technique simple – darker colours on the outer v and crease and blended under the lashline. I also rubbed out some dark brown eyeliner (L’Oreal) after tightlining and waterlining. Lining my whole eye in a dark liner really makes the brown pop I feel. I curled my lashes and added approximately three hundred coats of Chi Chi mascara. I went for a nude, matte lip by Colourpop (Midi) and patted it in with my finger as I feel a subtle lip suits me better.IMG_0251.JPG

I then concealed (light for undereyes, normal for face), set that with the lightest colour from the Australis AC On Tour palette, and set my whole face with Hourglass Dim Light.


I feel that contour is the most important thing in a photo, as the light can really take away the shape from your face. I used Hoola by Benefit, Moonstone by Becca for a highlighter and this beautiful elf blush. IMG_0250.JPG


Zoe x

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My Makeup Collection – Blushes

Today we’re focusing on blushes! Enjoy x



Here’s how I store it…


And here’s a beautiful flatlay:


My blushes:

Left: Tanya Burr Rosy Flush Cheek Palette – Pretty Peony (slight shimmer, really pretty and pigmented)
Top Centre: BYS Blush in Coral (satin finish, great cheap blush)
Top Right: NARS Orgasm (gold shimmer, really really pretty)
Right: TopShop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels (orangy/peach, great staying power and gorgeous for summer)
Centre: be a… bombshell cream blush stick in Southern Belle (uber uber pigmented, great blush that goes with everything)
Bottom: Makeup Geek Honeymoon (my favourite nude blush, silvery shimmer)

I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for the rest 🙂

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Zoe x