April Favourites

This probably is coming a bit later than you’d expect for April Favourites, but I’ve been busy and better late than never, right? Here’s what I’ve been loving recently.

Santa Clarita Diet


I binged this show on Netflix in two days and loved every minute of it! It’s fast-paced, absolutely hilarious and the characters are amazing. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone, each episode is only 20 mins long so it’s really easy and fun to watch!

Aleka Dress in Plum – White Fox Boutique



I wore this dress to my brother’s wedding at the end of April and got so many compliments on it! It is such a beautiful colour for my pale skin, and worked really well with my gold accessories. Such a gorgeous dress that I’ll definitely wear again! You can check out these photos on my instagram!

Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


I know I’m probably the last person in the world to get on board this mascara, but I recently picked up a sample size and have come to discover I really like it! Especially when used in conjunction with a lengthening mascara, this makes your lases look ridiculous.

Vanity Planet Skin Spa System


I used to use the vanity planet spin for perfect skin, and I liked it, but the batteries rusted up and the heads got jammed on the brush. When I wasn’t using such a hard core cleaning product, my skin started to get really bumpy, so I bought this one on a whim. I much prefer it to the other system, as the silicone brush doesn’t harbour bacteria. Definitely have noticed an improvement in my skin since using this, and I love that it has two speed settings.

Cream Blush & Highlighter


I have really been into using cream products in April, as they look way more natural and last a hell of a lot longer than their powder counterparts. I’ve been loving the be a bombshell cream blush in ‘southern belle’ and the Australis stick highlighter in ‘light gold’.

Simple Light Moisturiser


When I was getting bumps on my skin, I realised my use of oils wasn’t doing my face any wonders. So, I switched to a light moisturiser and I absolutely love it! If you’d like an updated skincare routine, let me know and I’ll do one for you guys!

Beauty Blender


I never believed the fuss about the original beauty blender, but since I’ve tried it I just can’t go back. There’s something so specific about the way it works that I can’t put my finger on, but makes it outshine all replica sponges. If you haven’t tried it, do so, and tell me the cheap alternatives work the same. (Spoiler: they don’t)

Growing My Own Herbs


Since I’ve been living on my own, I’ve been trying really hard to grow some of my own stuff. Right now, I’m growing basil, parsley, coriander, mint and rosemary, as well as keeping some succulents, and aloe plant and a Japanese peace lily. There’s something so nice about having to look after something that isn’t you, and then reaping the benefits in delicious cooking!

The Circle


I know this is coming out as a movie soon, but that’s not why I read it. I grabbed a sample on my kindle, read it, then immediately had to go out and borrow the book. I read it in two days. It’s a very well written, fast-paced book that’s very difficult to put down once you get into it, and I strongly recommend it if you like technology, politics and control of freedom.

What have you been loving this month?! Let me know!

Zoe x

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April Favourites

Christmas Makeup Look #3 • Blogmas

This is my last Blogmas! For everyone who has been following, commenting, liking and reading all 24 posts – I can’t thank you enough! It’s been a challenge doing a post every day, but I’ve absolutely loved it and I’m so pleased that all of you seemed to have as well!

For my last post, here is my final Christmas makeup look, which is a super glowy, champagne-based look that I think is perfect for any Christmas occasion! I hope you love it!


To achieve glowy skin, I began with Stila One Step Correct Primer, and then put a light layer of NARS Sheer glow over my skin to even out my skin tone. For concealer, I used Collection Lasting Perfection. I added some Becca Creme Highlighter in Champagne Pop, before setting my face with Hourglass Dim Light.

For my cheeks, I went for Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, with a touch of NYX Taupe for contour. I layered on the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Moonstone, and finished with some NARS Orgasm blush. I set all of this down with NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray.

After filling in my eyebrows with BH Cosmetics micro pencil, I used Milk Chocolate from the Too Faced Chocolate Palette on my outer v, then heaped on the shade Marzipan. . After tightlining and waterlining with my Bronze Ambition liner from Chi Chi, I coated my lashes in Benefit Roller Lash.

For my lips, I wanted them nude and glossy, so I began with NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick, and then topped off with Bath & Body Works Lipgloss in Vanilla Bean Noel.





Thank you for keeping up with me this Blogmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Christmas Makeup Look #3 • Blogmas

How To: Fix Smashed Makeup

My heart shattered the other day when I dropped my Becca highlighter on the floor and watched as it smashed into a million pieces. After grovelling on the floor like a peasant and picking up every bit of it I could, I realised that I should document my first attempt at fixing smashed makeup products with rubbing alcohol for you guys. The verdict? It works!


I bought my rubbing alcohol from the chemist, and it cost me around $11 Australian. I’ve read that the product can be messy, so I used some cling wrap over the product to avoid staining. I opted for a metal bowl and spoon as they were more sanitary for the product and easier to clean.


I actually had three things to fix. All the photos show Make Up Geek’s Magic Act foiled eyeshadow, but I also fixed by Becca Highlighter in Moonstone and my Chi Chi Eyeshadow in Call Me. (Side note: Chi Chi eyeshadow was really hard to work with as it needs to set in a domed shape to fit the pan. Also, it was the first one I tried, and I didn’t use enough alcohol, so it shattered again when it dried. At least I learnt!)

So, the first step is to collect all the product you can and put it in a bowl (as above).


Then, you place a sheet of cling wrap over the bowl to protect your hands, and crush up all the product into powder.


Then, you add a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the powder and mix it around. You want it to be quite wet, otherwise it won’t set properly. See where near my finger the powder has basically turned liquid gold? That’s what you want – a type of paste. Just add drops at a time, don’t go overboard!


Then, carefully transfer the paste back into the pan and set it down either using the back of a spoon or a piece of cling wrap and your fingers. It should now look reasonably normal again, just a bit rough and probably darker than the original colour, but that’s just because it’s damp.


Now, you wait. I left mine overnight, and that seemed totally fine.


I did my best to press them flat, but at the end of the day, I just want them to work. They don’t have to look perfect! I left them open for the night so that the alcohol could evaporate out.


In the morning – ta da! Brand new (almost). The alcohol scent 90% left, and they work fine. All I did was clean up the edges a bit (except for the Chi Chi one, because that clearly didn’t work) and am just being very gentle with them. They don’t look super strong! I’ve heard that the stronger the rubbing alcohol you use, the better they turn out, but I think mine was just a mild antiseptic. Oh well, it did work!

I hope someone found this helpful!

Zoe x


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How To: Fix Smashed Makeup

My Makeup Collection – Highlighters

In case you haven’t been following this series, I’m doing my makeup collection, category by category. I thought this would be a great way for you all to see how I store my makeup in a small space, on a budget. Also, I’m obsessed with makeup collections… although my bank account hates me after I read or watch them. Oops!

If you haven’t read my others, check out my face products, blushes and bronzers posts. Next up, I’ll be going through my eyeshadows, eyeliners & mascara, palettes, eyebrow products, lipsticks and, finally, other lip products.

Hope you’re enjoying!




I have five highlighters total – mainly drugstore with one high end. I use the BH Cosmetics fan brush to apply all my highlighters.

Pressed Powder Highlights


Pressed powders are my favourite highlighters because they don’t get everywhere. I much prefer a more neutral/golden glow than a pink, so my favourites out of my highlighters are for sure these three.

LEFT: Tanya Burr Rosy Flush Cheek Palette Highlighter in ‘Oyster Shell’
This is a really pretty, not super pigmented highlighter I like to use on a daytime basis. The lack of pigmentation is great so you don’t look like a disco ball. Also, being in this palette with such a great bronzer and blush means it’s perfect for travel.

CENTRE: Chi Chi Eyeshadow in ‘Call Me’
Although this is an eyeshadow, it’s practically a dupe for Mac’s Soft and Gentle. A super intense,.bronzey/rose goldy highlighter that looks great in photos.

RIGHT: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in ‘Moonstone’
I opted for this colour because it suits my pale skin. On youtube, it looks really white, but in reality it’s just a pale gold and is SUPER shimmery.Absolutely beautiful, just very expensive, hence it is my only high-end highlighter.

Cream & Loose Powder Highlighters


LEFT: Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator in ‘Natural Light’
This was the first highlighter I ever owned, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist any more. It’s a glittery, corally pink highlight that looks great with a coloured lip.

RIGHT: Essence Cream Highlighter in ’20 – bright up your life’
This is a bit clumpy, but great when used with a light hand as a base for other highlighters. I’ve tried using this as an eyeshadow, but it definitely creases. For the price, though, it’s fantastic.


Here are some swatches so you can see how they all look on the skin.
L-R: Revlon, Essence, Tanya Burr, Chi Chi, Becca.

I hope you enjoyed this!

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Zoe x

My Makeup Collection – Highlighters